Sunday, May 6, 2012


Because I've done "final" (ish) edits to it and am now exercising my right to sell it wherever the hell I damn well please.

Now that you've calmed down a little, Dear Reader, perhaps I can get you some tea?  Okay.  Okay, obviously we DO need to talk a little though.

Some of you, ESPECIALLY those closest to me, know of my efforts in the past year at several projects.  This one is just one of those, the writing and eventually serialization and sale-ification (yes, it's a word.  I just made it up.  Right now.  It's a word if I made it up, I'm a freakin' artist apparently) of The Generalist series you've grown to love and cuddle up to.

So yeap, it's that time.  After re-editing a FINAL final time, re-packaging and improving on the manuscript, I've finally got it up and ready to sell on Kindle (though do give me OOOOOONE last revision, since I'm preparing it for Smashwords as well and I want to use that format for Kindle), but there's a few issues going down.

For one, there's that Smashwords format of programming/writing I want to bring to Kindle.

Secondly, it's currently stuck at $2.99 though I lowered the price to $1.50, and when it comes time to pop Taboo 1 up for sale, I'll raise the price of Taboo 0 and sell Taboo 1 at $1.50, same with all other Taboos from now on.

Whenever an episode goes up for sale, they gotta come down here and you get this message with a link to buy and sample.

I'll still continue to post the unedited/lightly edited/raw manuscripts up here, and then later on give them the same treatment.  This way you can sample what it's going to be before you buy, a system I believe in highly.  BUT, I AM trusting you guys, y'knowwhatImean?

This is the honor system: you can accept the crappy-edited version of these stories and not pay, or pay what amounts to less than a cup of coffee (in some places) and receive a polished version full of proper grammar, little writing tidbits, and slightly more content.  I'm willing to believe in youse guys, and those who can't afford squat but are perfectly happy to retweet my tweets and repost my posts at Faecbawks.

Of course this might change depending on customer performance...we'll see.

In the meantime, that's what's up and I'm stickin' to it!

So, you want to check out my Amazong link and stuff?  I gotta point out that it's not up for sale yet inexactly...but who am I to stop you from buying a slightly older, less edited version for $2.99?

Buy The Generalist - Taboo 0: Cliché of Memories here:

The jacket cover was done by myself (my hand, dontcha know~!) and the ever-lovin' Jade herself over at, and we're pretty much gonna do ALL the covers like that.  Gloved hands, brass knuckles, coffee mugs, and the Hooligan mean-face logo.



  1. This is a great story, my friend, and I'm glad I finally got the chance to sit down and read it. I think it works really well because it has such a strong voice full of personality. Now, I can tell that most of that is YOUR voice, but that's not a bad thing. It makes it so much easier to read and a lot more relateable.

    So what are your plans for this story?

    1. Oh, oh SNAP! OH, JUST...SNAP!

      Yeaaaah, all that first person perspective. :D Initially I was thinking of doing the usual third-person omniscient or even limited, except A) I suck at limited, and B) I started this story off from Frank's perspective and have since thought about doing each story from the perspective of one character throughout the entire story or third person omniscient for that entire story.

      Especially when Frank and Dash bust out the homages to Batman and T.M.N.T., like doing a dual corkscrew headbutt on some guy's chest and back but calling it the Wishbone Crunch and other such fun activities. Coordinated and synchronized attacks always look best from third person omniscient, y'knowwhatImean?

      My plans? For this story or this series? 'Cuz I DID make mention of how I noticed one of y'all posted recently about your friends' e-publishing biz, and I happened to have bookmarked it. A novella is smaller than a novel but bigger than a short story, but I forgot the specifics of how-many-pages are in each...I'm fairly certain these fall under the novella category, thus far.

      So yeap. Gonna head to yer friends' business and also start shoppin' around for publishing houses after I write Taboo 1...which starts Monday.

      You have NO idea how badly I've had to beat my muse up, nor how badly she's beaten me up - I keep hearing Misfits' "Dig Up Her Bones," one of the songs I associate with The Generalist (alongside The Wicker Man by Iron Maiden and Addicted to Stress by Jim's Big Ego) in my head pretty much 24/7 right now, and will do so until I start writing Taboo 1. I know this because she did the same damn thing with Taboo 0 with Wicker Man. Gah.

      I've also got, like, ten other projects that she's gonna hafta wait while I screw around with them a bit THEN go and write Taboo 1.

      Bah. I'll get on it Monday.

  2. I like it. I like it alot