Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Battleworld: Meet The Legion of Demnos

Legion of Demons

Capital City: Terminus

Dominated by a hivemind culture (completely your choice btw) and armed with advanced technology the Legion of Demnos stands ready to provide the hivemind option for the entire world to voluntarily take.

Cold, logical and functional the people of the Legion stand together as one. Voluntarily.

So shall you.


Demnos, First of Legion

Age 1457
Demnos is a scientist, a psionic, an engineer and protomystic of supreme strength. It was Demnos who created the Hivemind network and he brought his psychic cult and their supporters to this world over a thousand years ago in search of paradise. Out of the four powers he is the only one who has met Nepthis the Everdust thrice (once as an ally, once as a student, and once as an enemy) and is the closest to being an Overpowered on his own already.

Demnos is a sadistic asshole.

Tertius and Secundus

Age 117/113
Brother and sister duo. A powerful combination of cyborg, tech priest, and gun knight, either one alone is a veritable juggernaut but combined are virtually unstoppable. Effective at all ranges. Gains the usual sibling bonuses.

Devon "Demon of the Battlefield" Shrike

Age 32
Older brother of Hillary Shrike. A mercenary and bounty hunter, he seeks to enmesh himself in the hivemind for reasons all his own. Equally for reasons of his own, Demnos has yet to allow him to join.

A soldier and something of a protomystic, he is a top-tier warrior who lacks the psionic abilities of his younger sister but makes up for it with powerful weaponskills and martial prowess.

Dr. Neuroid

Age 1000
The finest engineer and protomystic in Battleworld and bears a strong resemblance to Demnos himself. Has little loyalty to Demnos though, and isn't a Legion member for reasons unknown.

Despite his loyalty issues, Demnos keeps him close for further reasons unknown.

Lazuli, despite being Demnos' ipso-facto wife, is known to be close to Neuroid, an acceptable thing by both Demnos and the Legion itself.

The Professor

Age ???
A protomystic and tech priest, he's a necronomican summoned by Demnos himself and, due to his nature, knows more about the Outer Planes than anyone else on Battleworld. He also comes equipped with a lexicon of terms, bestiary, and has better analytical capabilities than anyone else. Known as "The Demon of the Hivemind." Cackles a lot and has a horrible sense of humor. Is considered to be one of the greatest physicists of this world, and has helped standardize the use of steel and steampunk technology in the Northern lands.

Immortal Lazuli (second-in-command)

Age Endless
Lazuli is literally, as her name implies, Immortal. While she can never die, she does drop into a comatose state upon taking enough damage, unable to be useful until the next map.

She's an Overpowered in her own right, and is involved for her own reasons. She also actively believes that Demnos is already achieving Overpowered status, and that Nepthis' gambit is going to be the final step. Due to her importance to the Legion, she is Demnos' queen.

Talos Cordial

Age 21
Rocketeer, soldier, bear.

Yeap, he's a fucking bear. No back story, just...

He's a fucking bear. With a steam-powered rocketpack.

Angelender Candysong

Age 16
A robo-mechanoid that pilots the Zeppelin Bomber "Astral." A peppy little thing that hits hard. Has no sense of fashion.

Sirius Havenbrook

Age 58
Tophats, monocle death ray and true gentlemanly values. Sirius is a steam-powered, clockwork boxing soldier who can harness both martial arts, weapon skills, land is a fine analysis as well as interrogator. A capture freak who can immediately capture any target he brings down to 0 hp.

Individual Units

Soldiers - standard infantry unit. Can use medical to heal other soldier type units. Can equip most kind of gear. Can capture units. Can combine or hex with anyone.
Adv -> rocketeer, gun knights, balloonist

Penguins - weaker than soldiers, can use medical to heal other soldier-type units. Can be spawned outside of troop limit. Can use magics.
Adv -> balloonist, protomystic, bears

Bears - stronger than soldiers, and have rapetastic mobility. Has access to martial arts, because fuck you that's why.

Scientist - unit augment, analysis, research, training, SCIENCE!, capture, interrogation artists. Can improve all learned constructs. Can learn new constructs.
Adv -> engineers

Engineers - unlike other factions' Engineers, Legion Engineers have the ability to "break down" their own units and recombine them into other types. Like other Engineers, they are able to fortify and create new constructs and mechanoids. Can hex with Scientists and other Engineer types.
Adv -> Tech Priests

Engineer recombined classes (all customizable during the combine screen)

Creazoids (any biological + any biological)
Mechanoids (any SCIENCE! or construct + any SCIENCE! or construct)
Cyborgs (any biological + SCIENCE!)
Dimensional Shambler (giant robo + necronomicon/creazoids)
Flying Robo (giant robo + rocketeer)
Bomber Robo (giant robo + zepplen bomber)

Aliens - long range, low stats (except offense), can hex and combine with anyone. Flying, anti-air, and also transport.
Adv -> creazoids, protomystics, balloonists, rocketeers.

Giant Robo - transport, immediately interrogates units they capture, incredibly low movement but disgustingly high stats and resistances. Engie-combine it with a rocketeer to really rape the game.

Creazoids - any combination of two biologicals with an emphasis on balance.

Cyborgs - any combination of a biological and SCIENCE! with an emphasis on offense, defense or mobility. Long range.

Dimensional Shambler - doesn't suffer from dimensional sickness. Largest type unit in the game (alongside Necronomicons). Horrendously high stats. Customizable abilities. Crapfest mobility. Regenerative abilities.

Flying Robo - obvious. Triples giant robo's horrible range of movement.

Bomber Robo - obvious. Incredibly heavy offense and defense.

Mechanoid - any combination of two SCIENCE! or constructs, emphasis on long range and durability.

Rocketeer - soldiers with rocketpacks. High flight, mobility, respectable offense but virtually no defense.

Necronomicans - chaotic summons. Can range in size, type, and temperament. Only one group of protomystics can contract with a single Necronomican at a time. Necronomicans act on their own, have horrible movement rate, can cast magic, and all of them have incredible melee capabilities. Some of them have flying capabilities as well, and all of them never suffer from interdimensional sickness.

Protomystics - can use SCIENCE! as well as magic. Conjurers. Horrible defenses, but are the only conjurers in the game who can summon Necronomicans.

Gun Knights - Long range, powerfully swift and agile warriors who combine martial arts with guns. Can analyze single targets. Gun attacks can affect all targets in range. Can meditate to regain hp and ep. Can improve constructs through meditation.

Balloonist - flying, transport, no offense, high defense and can hold one giant robo.
Adv -> Zeppelin Bomber

Zeppelin Bomber - flying transport, middling defense for incredibly powerful AoE attacks. Long Range (AoE).

Tech Priests - can use magic to affect SCIENCE! constructs. Can improve and augment constructs. Good medical capabilities.


  1. GAHHHHHH!!!! I'm both highly ecstatic about the Demnos info and fully peeved about the overlay. Why, oh why, Bastard? Oh, I know. I, myself, have sought out means to procure more of what is needed to keep this great wave of awesomeness going. Sorry for being annoyed. I really do enjoy your walls of text. Covered in coats of many intricate layers of thorough pacing, deep characterization, and gripping plotlines, your stories will be told for centuries!

    1. Lol, I have to be able to FINISH a tale first, brotha.

      I'm sincerely hopin' I can, with my current line of projects. I really do.

      Don't know if I could handle failing in my own eyes again.