Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Suggested Consumables List - preview

(note: 50% chance of The Sly 1 or 2)

Treasure Chest/Mimic (occupy on map)
Keys to towns, cities, caves, etc)
Health Potion (hp)
Elder Potion (ep)
The Ace (regen/refresh) - ginger ale/ginger ice cream
The Sly 1 (kills unit) - tobasco, tomato juice, hemlock and arsenic
The Sly 2 (unit can act twice in one round) - tobasco, tomato juice, celery
The Big Red (atk x2) - tomato juice, fruit juice, creatine
The Bastard (Rage Gene doesn't suffer toll round for one toll round) - triple doppio espresso, double mocha, chocolate whipped cream
The Mikki (hp x2 for one round, counts as temporary hp) - extra sweet calpis juice
The GM (permanently raises one stat) - lime, coconut, seltzer
The GSG (cha x10 for one round) - black pepper vanilla ice cream, root beer
The Chao (the price of the next item you can purchase will be reduced by half) - a used condom, a head full of cotton, a night of regrets and shit on your chest.
The Lay (ep x4 for one round, counts as temporary ep) - caramel machiatto with extra caramel
The Dabu (psionic costs are halved) -
The Matsu (experience gain is halved for remainder of map, but you get triple exp from bosses) - coconut, liquified steak, too much allspice
The Alita (doubles long range for one turn) -
The Chaucho (doubles magic damage for one turn) -
The Northboy (random effect) -
The Afro Kamen (gain BURNING GUTS! ability) - creatine, whey powder, EXPLOSIVE FORCE, Krieg Blood
The Oni Kitsune (target unit switches sides, will only switch back if your army is twice the size of the opponents')
The Dug (target is confused) -

Coffee -

black (max hp/ep, refresh, regen)
americano (ep)
latte (hp)
mocha (hp/ep)
salted caramel (refresh)
espresso (regen)


  1. I'm confused. Is this how babies are made?

  2. LOL naw.

    As is, some of the drinks involved I've named after some of my friends' characters from the Neo-Tokyo: Unit 13 RP we did awhile back.

    Best group I've ever roleplayed with, off or online.