Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Untitled 4

Don't ask, 'cuz I won't tell. <3

I can hear it still, the fine music
The song of the day, as it plays
A song carved of sweet memory
And of bitterest cacao, this day
Sweetest balsamic, sweet as sin
And of the tea we drank that day
The tea she saw through, purest amber

I can hear it still, the sweet music
The cool, cold wind, yet never bitter
Only bittersweet, the sea air blowing
Blowing through our hair, her smile
Blowing through us, through our souls
And everything I wanted to tell her
Was right there, right there, glinting

I can hear it still, unforgettable
The music of her laughter that rang true
Of today, of today, always
And the taste of her lips, her flesh
The warmth of her close to me, in my arms
And of the sea, never cooling our ardor
But banked, always and ever smoldering


  1. it's so beautiful...who every you wrote this for must think highly of you

    1. Sometimes I write for no raisin. Sometimes I write with an image or design in mind.

      Indeed, you hit the nail on the head with one sure shot darlin' - I did indeed have a particular person in mind with this one, and I can only hope she truly appreciates what went into the making of this particular piece.

      Of course it'll probably mean little to anyone outside of we two, but hey...::shrugs:: That's why I wrote this one, for purely esoteric value. If it comes off as merely pretty to others, even better~!

  2. Well, it may not be for me (God I hope it's not me) but as a writer I can absolutely appreciate it. Or maybe the feeling I'm having is envy, because I can't write poetry to save my life. Either way it's a huge compliment.

    1. H-woah. For what it's worth, I'm freakin' stunned...hell, I don't even know which one you are, but I'm fairly certain both of you know how high I hold you guys in regard, as far as writing styles are concerned.

      Dude, thanks for the compliment! I do what I do, 's all I can do, y'know?

      Thanks. :D