Friday, July 26, 2013

So my computer's dyin', right?

Well, here's a few things to update ya quick-like:

*Taboos 0 and 1 are perfected and ready to read.  See links below to snag a copy of yer own, y'know?
*My old label, "Massive Entertainment," is now a legal entity and ready to do NOTHING.  LOL, no seriously it's a business label that exists "to support the works of Thomas Duder, Author of the Things."

This also means I can claim Anubis Unit and blogs done by the entity known as "That Bastard From Bellingham."

We'll see, we'll see....
*My computer's dyin'.  A kickstarter/indiegogo thing might help.
*I can't expand my audience for anythin'.  Gonna hafta increase my ad budget from nothing to something soon. :3
*Car payment and security deposit almost paid off.  In two months, we'll see what's what and who's doin' who~!
*Season 2 of Da Hooliganz startin' soon!
*Covers for Taboos 2 and 3 have been shot, 4 and 5 are bein' planned as we speak!
*Need to pay the editor for 2, 3, and the short stories come August. :3

In the meantime, here's those links I promised.  Also, thanks for stickin' around, yeah?

(LOL direct copy pasta from, where you'll mainly find me)

SO, ya wanna review for me? All ya need to do is write one review, really...then post everywhere. :D BUT, lemme get ya some links to make things easier:

Taboo 0 -é-Memories-ebook/dp/B009F7K5U4
Taboo 1 -

Barnes and Noble
Taboo 0 -
Taboo 1 -

Taboo 0 -
Taboo 1 -

Taboo 0 -
Taboo 1 -

Taboo 0 -é-Memories/book-7vDYIpBz6U6Gh_fFASbFbA/page1.html?s=ONn4LHVpSkS11AUTGCrMSg&r=2
Taboo 1 -

Wanna buy the paperback? I'll totally give ya a discount if'n ya wanna review based on the paperback~! :D Check the Createspace links:
Taboo 0 -
Taboo 1 -

Hell, you wanna share my info on yer blog? Go for it~! Know of other places I've shown up? Share me there! If you have any other ideas, do lemme know. :D

In the! Just one review can be then shared all over the place. :D Just gotta do me the huge favor and post 'em, yeah?

Thank you very much for your time~!

~Thomas Duder, Author of the Things

P.S. - Sure you can bust out a buck fiddy....but y'know what? If'n yer going to give me a review, do lemme know and I'll hook ya up. :D

All this and I STILL need to overhaul my blogs, update everything, and keep writin'.  Keep in mind, you can also request a copy of my stuff at yer local library, or just send me the name and address of yer library and I'll send a copy there. :D

Good to go?  Good to go!


~That Bastard From Bellingham/Thomas Duder/Malice Atreides, Lord of the Wasteland/JDW-His-Goddamned-Self