Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Extreme Existence: Battleworld (a proposal, in a nutshell)

Extreme Existence: Battleworld

Welcome to the Multiverse. Countless, untold numbers of realities, each one fragmented off of one another for an eternity.

There's always a world for someone, a paradise for one, a hellish landscape for another.

Within these billions of universes, countless googol of worlds, there lays one in particular where four unique groups shall clash, each one with their own agendas to further, their own goals to meet.

And those goals can only be obtained through the obliteration of conquering of this world.

This is a world that is full of fighting.

This is a world of absolute battle.

This is Battleworld.

To the west lay the descendants of an Overpowered, the Imperial bloodline of another world. With them comes magic and steel, their society only recently having come together under the incredibly powerful, charismatic and ruthless Empress Makiko Kraze. Alongside her son, her most trusted adviser (a high-ranking chancellor within a once-fractured court) and others who have sworn themselves to her service she has risen where others have fallen prey, becoming puppet leaders or pawns in a deadly game of political intrigue and outright assassination. To Makiko comes the singular goal of keeping her country unified, and this world safeguarded from the terrors that are attempting to overtake it. The Kraze Armada must rise in power if they are to defeat their greatest foes to date!

To the south are the sexy undead, feeding on the emotions and bodily fluids of others. Amongst the eldest of the four kingdoms and native to this planet, the Horde list amongst their numbers beautiful nightmares, seductive shadows and restless apparitions. Lacking in size compared to the other kingdoms, the Horde fight back with powerful dark magic, necromancy and the unparalleled Necromorph ability - the latest in necromantic technology. With charm and wit, with sword and shield, with magic and terror the Horde must ensure that the world not fall into the void, even if theirs must be the only darkness that lovingly blankets this land.

To the north are the Legion of Demons, cold and logical, wielding powerful steampunk robotics and psionic defenses. Beyond their gun knights and tech priests lay ever greater power, the protomystics who contract with evil otherworldly invaders and their own greatest strength: the Hivemind. For all voluntarily accept the brainwashing and become a fully functioning member of the Legion whether they want to or not. To Demnos and his Legion this world is ripe for their vision of Paradise, and no matter how many they must brainwash they shall carry out their fanatical enterprise whether the denizens wish for it or not. After all, in the end all will fall to the Legion, and all will voluntarily accept the Hivemind.

Finally to the east lay the greatest of foes. Where once a flourishing underworld kingdom lay, now the Goblin Forces have been defeated and enslaved. Where once a proud nation once stood in the struggle for Battleworld now comes the true force of brutal power: the Krieg Army. Offworlders and the newest challenge yet to date, they bear cruel and powerful methods of crushing their foes, lacking even the ability to take over towns but merely settling for burning them down to the ground. Behind them lay the ashes and picked bones of their foes, before them a banquet of neverending battle and violence. They are not without their philosophy, nor are they as loutish as they may seem but you will have to seek far beyond their brutal methods to find as such. All are enemies to the Krieg Army, here for their own twisted agenda. All who oppose that agenda MUST be destroyed! The Rage Gene will stand where all others shall fall!

And deep within the heart of the world lays the instigator for this violence, the efficient and logical Overpowered known as "Nepthis the Everdust." The Overpowered who was supposed to watch over this quadrant.

The Overpowered who is now the key to the ultimate fate of this world, bearer of its' secrets and old beyond measure.

An Overpowered who wishes to die.

Welcome to Battleworld! Pick a side and fight, unraveling four separate storylines and their interweaving fates. Make your choices, apply strategy or wicked, brutal force. Do what you can and what you must to sway the people to your side. Employ spies and saboteurs but be ever vigilant for turncoats and double agents within your own ranks.

Gear up and improve! Fortify towns against waves of enemies. Find fabulous treasure, recipes to concoct your own consumables, and unlock various spells of might and power.

Strengthen and customize individual units.

Prepare yourself for an adventure!

Prepare yourself for Battleworld!


Battleworld is a hex-based war game where you can move units about on a map, employing various means of weaponskills, abilities, martial arts, psionics and magic spells in order to defeat your foes. There are many ways to succeed on each map and strengthen your army, including:

-Forcing your opponent to surrender or agree to an alliance or peace treaty.
-Swaying towns to your side, crafting and selling goods as well as buying them, making it harder for the enemy to resupply.
-Surround a single target to utilize the Hex Attack or discover unique Dual Attacks to deal more damage.
-Use terrain effects that improve or decrease your attack and defensive capabilities.
-Overpower and brutally crush your opponents with a spamwave of units!
-Summon powerful monstrosities, contract with parallel dimensional beings and let them loose.
-Set traps, ambushes, spies and sabotage future maps you're about to head to, giving YOU the edge!
-Advance and evolve your units with gathered resources, unlocking stronger and stronger jobs. Eventually, you might even reach the level of Overpowered yourself!
-Use magic spells, psionic attacks, job-based weaponskills, martial art super attacks, and job-based abilities to take down your foes!
- Faction-exclusive abilities such as the Rage Gene and Grab of the Krieg Army, the Necromorph ability of the seductive Horde, the brainwashing of sadistic Demnos himself, and the psychotically powerful Battlemages and enchantments of the Kraze Armada.

Uncover a robust storyline for each faction and extras featuring a hidden bonus map, hidden characters, battles in other dimensions as well as this one, the chance to unlock a FIFTH faction's storyline and unlock Lore and Legacy information concerning the Extreme Existence backstory.


  1. For the most part this is just the proposal for Battleworld itself (name pending, naturally).

    So yeah, it's a war game. Advance Wars, Tactics Ogre, FF Tactics, Military Madness - that style. Mostly Military Madness, but either way...

    I'm still workin' on stuff, just didn't do much today. Yesterday I completed the numerical values of stats and abilities and such for the Kraze Armada. Man, I missed this feeling, that grind when yer on a hobby.


  2. I'm liking this multi-verse. The sexy undead seem quite compelling.

  3. LOL, I've saved the best for last (imo).

    The Horde, sexy fuckin' undead. Fishnets and whore makeup everywhere. So much charisma you won't be able to stop 'em.

    The Goblinate Forces are pretty much up there as well. Sexy, they screw like rabbits, and I thoroughly blame Corruption of Champions for skewing my view on goblin whores.

    And the Krieg Army. Pure, unadulterated, brutal rage. I'm an expert on it, so yeah...if anyone can write it up properly, it's me. <3

    And this is just a single world out of my entire Extreme Existence fold. Someday I'll actually write it up, I hope, or inspire someone else to do it.

    We'll see, we'll see.

  4. I've read a bit on the other parts but today I got the chance to read this post as a whole! The individual race/factions are very interesting, my favorite maybe the horde :p wonder how well you do on writing the charisma part! Can't wait till next time I have time to read the more :3 Keep working at it!

    1. I've recently gotten back into writing this - I reckon my band and the blogs themselves (well, advertising and such - it can be a real whirling bitch keeping up on THAT!) have taken up my time as of late.

      BUUUUUT I certainly haven't forgotten this, I mean it's RIGHT THERE on the tabs, y'know? The Horde Design Notes are the last I gotta post up, then it's all about the Kriegs.

      Ohhhhhhh baby, the Krieg! Is it bad that while all five kingdoms are my faves, the Krieg Army have a special place in my heart simply because of their progenitor himself and the true beginning of the Rage Gene, Maximum Krieg?

      On the other hand both The Horde and the Goblinate Forces have their uber-sexiness goin' on, the Legion of Demnos is just filled with sadistic assholishness (oh, oh boy is it going to be fun to reveal the "Kicked your dog" speech), and then there's the Kraze Armada, who is up there in my favor with the Kriegs. Hell, I named the leader after two of my favorite past characters I've ever had.

      Thanks for readin' me, and thanks for your input! We'll see how things truly go once I'm at the actual spriting and programming phase...ugh.