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Battleworld: Meet the Goblinate Forces

Meet The Goblin Forces

Capital City: Wanderlust Market

Once a power in and of their own, the Goblin Forces share the title of "native" with the Horde. They alone know the secret of the Horde, and Nepthis the Everdust, yet they keep quiet in order to keep that secret from the Krieg Army. They shared a passive aggression with the Kraze Armada, an almost symbiotic series of intermarital affairs and skirmishes with the Horde, and had a severe hatred of the Legion.

When the Krieg Army crash-landed in the Wasteland, the Goblin Forces did their best to at first defeat, then simply to stall them off. Alongside their strange biotechnology and apparent willingness to fling themselves headfirst into insurmountable odds, the Goblins were able to do what none other had done before: to keep the Krieg locked within the Wastelands for six months, unable to move beyond the cavern system they had come to inhabit.

Incredibly proud of their sprawling underground network, the Goblin Forces refused aid from anyone else in order to evacuate, wanting instead to merely buy the other kingdoms time to prepare.

Inevitably the Forces were defeated but their prowess had so impressed the Krieg Army that the Beast offered them a precious, rare opportunity: to join the Army, intermingle amongst their folk and gain the Rage Gene as they did so.

Though the Goblin King accepted this (and would still be considered a subservient race until they gained Rage Genes themselves, thus becoming "Kriegs"), he secretly works behind the scenes not to sabotage but rather to provide information to either the Horde or the Kraze.

Powerful in their own right despite their diminutive, yet beautiful, forms the Goblins are noted for heavy resistances, a powerful vitality and a surprising agility. A row of Goblin cannonade has been described as being the most frightening thing ever seen in Battleworld.

All goblins share certain traits: they all can mine for resources, stay underground and move faster underground as well as gaining regeneration, dark vision, they never suffer intimidation, cannot be turned or brainwashed.

On the other hand they all suffer the same issues that the Horde do when it comes to suffering penalties while being in sunlight and, for the most part, are generally idiots outside of the nobility.


The Goblin King

Age: ???/33
The Goblin King is an incredible force of power that has historically kept the Legion, the Armada and the Horde at bay through a mixture of martial prowess, fierce marshaling capabilities (especially considering what he has to work with), and a surprising amount of charisma.

Of course these came to naught before the insanely, brutally power of the Krieg Army. Still he has done what he can to ensure the survival of his people before an unstoppable power and seems to being doing well beside it. At least until the Krieg showed up, but honestly none of the kingdoms of Battleworld were truly prepared for such an onslaught.

Unlike other regime changes (usually the children will duel each other, then the remaining king or queen in order to unseat them) he ascended the throne through a rare mixture of charismatic speeches and social programs, making life easier for the common Goblin while strengthening trade routes and their own borders. To that end, his mother offered him the crown and stepped down, knowing that he would be a strong and caring monarch.

A harbinger of known fighting prowess, he's also a hardcore mystery to the other gobs: he can Zerk without losing his mind, entering into a battle frenzy that astonishes even the most bitter, hard-edged Juicer and Zerker alike.

Supposedly this was an ability learned around the same time that King Aliester Bertrand of the Horde learned how to create the Necromorph ability, which may explain why both share so many similarities in their strange ability to utilize their given trait in such unique ways.

Queen Alvierra

Age: ???
Friend to The Beauty (supposedly schoolmates as well), she helped the Horde defeat the Incubi race that once ruled virtually unopposed on Battleworld. Since then she has done much to ensure the safety and livelihood of her people, eventually defeating her father before her in a duel and ascending to the throne as Queen during the era where the Legion sought to brainwash everyone and everything and appeared unstoppable in obtaining that goal.

She was well-known for keeping the underground caverns safe through daily patrols and upkeep, and pushed for education for all (no matter how stupid they were, they were given a chance to "relearn" things from their previous life). Despite that, she saw with favor the various projects her son undertook and succeeded at and, impressed with his deeds and passion, decided against forcing him into a duel and simply stepped down, naming her eldest son the new successor to the crown.

Though it had appeared she was going to disappear again from the global political scene, she resurfaced, quieter than before, after the hostile takeover by the Kriegers. Currently neither The Beast nor any members of The Gang seem to care that she's back, despite her historical pattern of aiding and strengthening the Goblinate Forces in times of need.

The Jester

Age: ???
Like the rest of the Goblin court, the Jester is a Nobler with unknown, untapped strength and might. Many have claimed that the Jester has been around for as long as Queen Alvierra has, and still many others say she's older than that. What IS certain is that the Jester is fiercely loyal to the Goblin Noblers and, perhaps, a bit too much to the current king.

A spy, saboteur, Jester (obviously) and something of a Harbinger herself. It's revealed later on that she's a Nilbogger as well, and quite possibly is the same goddess that begat their underground race.

Public opinions are that she could be a good bride for the King, but apparently EVERY generation believes that since she's the most well-recognized figure amongst the court.

Mister Harrowgrove

Age: 13
At an age where most gobs are thinking about "retiring" (i.e. - dying in a cannon) or changing careers, Mister Harrowgrove took on the heady task of becoming a Mucker instead. A mere ten years later and Mister Harrowgrove found himself not only the leader of the Nomadic Guild but also one of the best merchant-Muckers to be found in the history of the Goblin Forces.

While he's incredibly loyal to the court and influential to a T, he also keeps a steadily neutral stance in the whole affairs of the kingdoms. Still he has an eye for prices, and can drain a town dry of resources and goods if he doesn't keep careful.

Is known for wearing incredibly sharp business suits, a monocle and a cane. Despite his mucker background he's had some training as a traveling merchant as well, able to wield a few small spells but finds himself taking to weaponskills and martial arts with deadly ease.

Blackhearted Marron

Age: 113
A tall Nobler with a penchant for mining, Blackhearted Marron is the Goblin King's younger sister and the one whom the Noblers thought would be heiress to the throne. Indeed, Marron was quite set to become the next queen (including preparing herself for dueling her siblings and her mother) when a dinner's conversation with her older brother changed her mind. To this day she won't divulge what it was that he said that changed her mind, but she has since thrown her entire support behind her older brother.

It has been suggested that he didn't even talk about the possibility of dueling her or taking the crown, merely his passion for their people and the programs he was carrying forth.

A Warmaster, Zapper, and Miner of some renown. She REALLY likes mining.

Gained her nickname by her quick, decisive slaughter of anyone standing in her way, she can become predatory-eyed before giving in to her bloodlust, which she does somewhat easily. Whatever it was that the Goblin King told her back then must've been REALLY good, to be honest, since she was known for having a will that could cow even other Noblers.

Is in a relationship with Phantom Conway.

Phantom Conway

Age: 23
A Sneaker known for his amazing assassinations and death-defying stunts. One of the few people who can withstand being ammo for the Cannonade multiple times without dying, a feat that is considerably strange since he's not a juicer or a Big Boy. Like the rest of the Goblin Forces, he is fiercely loyal to the court and has even nearly lost his life attempting to safeguard the king from a particularly botched mission against the Krieg Army. Because of his service he has been elevated to the lofty title of being the King's exclusive Sneaker.

Weezra the Oracle

Age: 19
A Zapper with the strange power of fortunetelling, she can see the future in many different ways: in tea leaves, palms, reading intestines, seeing the stars, in multiple reflections of varying lengths of mirrors, and other weird, seemingly inconsequential ways. She communes with other beings in other dimensions and, because of her travels, never suffers from interdimensional sickness. Despite all this she's as stupid as any other gob, only she's actually aware of it.

Battle-wise she's a great Zapper, able to slap Orbs around as well as conjure up outer-dimensional help and buffs. Though her hp pool sucks, her ep pool is incredible.

Even more so than any other gob she's as beautiful as she is stupid, and it's public thought (whenever they actually get together and think) that she's one of the candidates to be the King's bride. She herself doesn't think she's that beautiful, wanting to instead be simply cute.

She cooks better than any other Mucker, but hates most SCIENCE! and constructs.

Senschal Eschra

Age: 31
An enigma amongst Goblins, Eschra is a goblin soldier who is as smart as Nobler but isn't. She swore herself to the King's service and friendship years back, and is his "blood sibling" from when they were young (they cut their hands and clasped them together). Since then she has watched his back, having saved his life countless times and yet has rarely will accept rewards or thanks. Gruff and stern to a point, she's a powerful soldier who has done more than her fair share of mucking about. Can learn weaponskills and martial arts, and is one of the few goblins who can actually wear heavy armor.

A Ripper and, because of her training and experience, is a Knight Templer.

Is secretly desperately in love with the King, but is too goddamned tsundere to admit it openly. She's one of the public favorites to become the King's bride.

Individual Units

Digger - standard soldier unit. Average offense and defense, and can wield bows and arrows to gain anti-air.
Adv -> Ripper, Zerker, Mucker, Juicer, Nanners (the excuse being that "childbirth and mining are like the same thing, ain't it?")

Gobber - Gobbers are the standard unit that can do a little bit of everything. They can ultimately advance into ANY jorb they eventually meet the requirements for, but are extremely weak early game. They cannot turn into certain jobs that require you starting as them (like Noblers).
Adv -> Anything they meet the requirements for

Caster - Casters are very generalized for magickers, and they lack the punch that certain specialists may gain later on.
Adv -> Zappers

Ripper - A specialized soldier that has chosen the path of the sword. Swift, agile and very straightforward these little bastards can make quick work of even the hardiest of defenders. Able to cripple or even ignore armored defenses.
Adv -> Juicers

Juicer - a controlled version of the Zerker, Juicers basically imbibe a special potion made only by the Goblins and become far more empowered, able to withstand damage that would normally fell even a Nobler. Because of this they are the perfect fodder for the Cannonade, able to not only go through the pain of being shot out of said cannon and exploding upon impact, but also able to keep going afterwards for a little bit of time.
Adv -> Big Boy

Zerker - Sometimes in the middle of battle a Gob can unlock their hidden power of becoming Berzerk. Any and all gobs can gain access to this power randomly, and only after suffering from it can this job be unlocked. As a Zerker you lose control of the unit, but they gain access to regeneration, ignoring penalties for being out of darkness, can move as fast on the surface as they do underground, can mine twice as efficiently, and can take one extra action per round. What makes them the most dangerous though is that their offensive and defensive capabilities grow the closer to 0 hp they get.

Miner - The fastest movers underground, the ability to mine twice as many resources as any unit in the game and while they suffer from a weak offense they have a respectable defense. With the ability to set traps as well as handle explosives, Miners can be a dangerous force for the Goblins so long as they remember where they put the trap and to actually, y'know, get away from the explosives after setting them. Can transport other units, but only underground.

Mucker - Muckers are able to take any kind of material, dirt, garbage, you name it and they can turn it into potions, food, gear, traps, and explosives. They're also the merchant class of the Goblin Forces, able to go into unowned towns and deal fairly with them in exchange for goods and services. Before the Krieg Army they dealt mainly with the Nomad Guild and would even trade within the other kingdoms in a yearly pilgrimage of trade.

Big Boy - if a Juicer can actually survive, then they begin to grow in size and strength, able to "Juice Up" without actually needing chemicals since their brains can now produce it on their own. A Big Boy is one massive Goblin of epic proportions, their normal attacks becoming AoE and gaining new attacks. They're still dumb as fuck, just not mindless anymore. Most Big Boys die simply becoming so big that they explode on their own (like a delayed reaction from back when they were simply Juicers), but some do survive and just grow bigger and bigger. Eventually they are able to simply step over The Spine and disappear into the lands beyond the eastern ocean.

There is a legend that when things are at their bleakest, when the world stands on the edge of destruction and the Forces actually remember to look up and howl in despair, then and only then will the Big Boys who have left in the past return to save the day.

Of course Goblins in and of themselves don't remember this, and the Big Boys would be too stupid to know where to go anyway.

Transport, anti-air, AoE attacks, horrible movement but awesome offensive and defensive capabilities.

Sneakers - As their name implies, they are Gobs who have learned how to sneak, stealth and assassinate. Smarter than normal gobs (but not as smart as Noblers), they are able to wield traps and explosives and have access to specialized tools and weaponry.

Sapper - They hates constructs, they hates SCIENCE! and are a mad bundle of resistances to magic and melee attacks. Despite that they can fortify and are one of the few normal gobs who can analyze SCIENCE! and fortifications for new recipes.
Adv -> Merker

Zapper - Wielding far greater magical energies than a mere Caster, Zappers are still just as bone-headed only they actually are self-aware that they're stupid. Able to conjure and can specialize in geomancy as well, something that is normally not found outside of the Kraze Armada. Zappers are best with evocation though, able to simply "Zap" targets with a series of Orb spells that they found in a guidebook somewhere.

Nobler - an incredibly rare Gob that is born out of the morass of the common stock. Every now and then, a Goblin is born with genes that sets them apart from their more idiotic kin. These destined ones are treated fairly, learn from their common-bred families and are usually sent immediately to live amongst the Nobles. Stronger, faster, taller and, above all, smarter than normal Gobs a Nobler can become a powerful force with enough training and experience. Able to understand their less intelligent kin, Noblers take it upon themselves both the duty and the responsibility of caring for their lesser born ilk, ever the reminder that they too were born from that stock. (Instead of spawning a gob that you wanted, there's always the chance that you'll instead spawn a Nobler) Respectable in all stats, attack and defense, resistances, and able to wield a select pool of starting magic.
Adv -> Knight Templer

Knight Templer - with training a Nobler can gain access to a wider variety of weaponskills and martial arts. Alongside this is the ability to utilize better armor than the normal Gob could ever figure out.
Adv -> Warmaster

Warmaster - with further training and experience, a Nobler can eventually begin to learn how to further sharpen their weaponmastery and magical skills. They also gain the ability to analyze during combat and can augment the training of other units.
Adv -> Harbinger

Harbinger - Finally, a Nobler gains the ability to cast far more advanced magics then ever before, as well as greater weaponskills and martial arts. Their ability to analyze and learn new recipes, skills and attacks are greater than before and they're a walking augment machine.

Nanners - Midwives and medical specialists with access to healing spells and white magic defensive spells. Despite their stupidity (they can sometimes buff the enemy, and they hate seeing ANYONE in pain so they sometimes heal the enemy as well) they still make excellent midwives, at least THAT part they're able to fulfill without fucking up.

Merker - specialist engineers who learn to stop hatin' and just love the bomb. Seriously, their knowledge of explosives and SCIENCE! can grow beyond normal averages due to their curiosity about everything, their high resistance to damage and pain as well as the ability to hamper and harass targets with varying crippling afflictions. Can reverse-engineer any construct to learn new recipes.
Adv -> Cannader

Cannader - the highest ranking and elite of gob soldiery. Cannaders are the ones who create, maneuver, aim and arm the Goblin Cannons and though their mobility sucks, their offensive and defensive capabilities are excellent. They cannot move underground, over water and they cannot cross mountains but they CAN be transported by a Big Boy, and they themselves have anti-air capabilities. Though their preferred ammunition are Juicers, they can load any other Gob into a Cannon and fire them across a map. Most gobs die upon impact though, please keep that in mind.

Nilboggers - Pretty frickin' obvious, but I'll spell it out for ya's anyway. Nilboggers are dimensionally fucked up types of gobs who gain hp from taking damage but lose hp from curative and healing spells. Even Medical can kill these guys. Much like Noblers only even more rare, and still stupid like any other Gob. Hell, most Nilboggers usually die at birth simply because the Nanners'll kill them, literally, with kindness on accident. Only three Nilboggers are known to exist today, though it's being kept a secret even by the Goblins themselves (the first smart thing they've done as a people).

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