Sunday, May 5, 2013

Why hello there~!

Egads, when did I get over 10k views?

Where the unholy fuck was >I< when this happened?!!!! D:

For what it's worth, I thank you, all of ya~!  Obviously SOMEONE'S readin' me...just don't know who. ::chuckles:: SO!  Here we are...

and I've been incredibly abusive towards you guys, ignoring you for months on end then figuring you'll either see me in your feed and be all, "OH!  It's That Bastard, Thomas Duder himself...let's see what he has to say!" then read me and be all, "OHHHHH, you poor, poor man!  Yes, I forgive you, and I'll totally read on your stuff and click things and comment, cmment, comment!"

Well, while I DOOOOO have material to post (new songs, new poetry, written blocks of "things" and full-blown short stories and such), I've had to seriously settle in and handle my writing.

I'm fairly certain I've mentioned this before, but I write on a ten-year old rig with Windows XP (service pack 3, derp) and OpenOffice.  Even before I started working at an office with a rather fast system, I was having problems with having multiple programs open (as I'm wont to do), the whole system slowing down if I even DARED to have even Windows Media Player running while OpenOffice was, and...well, you get the point.

There is nothing worse to my writing style then having to wait while my system decides whether or not Firefox should be allowed to open while I have OpenOffice up simply because I dared to want to look up a word, or a thesaurus, or...whatever!  Hell, sometimes the system stalls out just with OpenOffice open, and being a poor once-homeless writer isn't inexactly the best thing for the financials.

...then there was that, being homeless for, like, ten months.  Then nine months before THAT I was stuck in that cabin, and...well, we all (possibly) remember THAT 'un.

So anyway, here we are.  I have, since, had to make a coupla decisions, and comin' back to bloggin' with NO SET SCHEDULE (because fuck yo dreams, nigga) is one of those.  Another is that I'm no longer going to post either Killer 13 or The Generalist here....BUT!  If yer one of my readers here on the blog scene and ya wanna become a beta reader, there's ways we can do that. :D  Hit me up sometime, I'll give ya the links or whatever, and we'll talk on Faecbawks. <3

On the other hand, I AMMMMM gonna post the reviews I do for other books right here. :3  Because why not...the first couple of them are pretty short, but afterwards?

Fucking genius, as entertaining as the books themselves, and it was fun as hell writin' 'em. :D

Nooooow, there ARRRRRE a couple of books I had to NOT review, just 'cuz...yeah, I had to stop readin' 'em they were so bad.  If you haven't heard from me in awhile, it may be because your book sucks and you suck and I hate your fucking face and I never want to talk to you again.

When I say "awhile" I mean, literally, awhile~!  Not, like, a coupla months or whatever, I mean like I don't even hang out at the same fucking groups as you because you've dirtied them with your horrible writing and blase personality.

....of course, that's all on Faecbawks, but you get the point. :3

So anyway, lemme pop one on here soon, starting with my first and from a fellow blogger nonetheless~!

Hell, it's those two bastards whom I have to actually thank for quite a lot...and do so with each book I put out there. :3

SO!  Shall we enjoy this Sunday together?

~That Bastard From Bellingham