Friday, January 27, 2012

Battleworld: Current locations of the four factions

Here's what I got thus far. Eventually I'll either draw out a map or figure out how to work a program for it, I KNOW I got one layin' around on one of my cd's...but I'll pro'lly just get lazy and find a map maker on or some shit.

Anyway, here's how I start fleshing out a world whether it be a book, a short story, a roleplay setting, or a game idea of mine.

Tokyo Two (The Armada of Kraze)

Capital City: New Kyoto

Magic College
Dragon Peak

Towns -

Five Guesses
Lincoln's Hat
Dragon's Watch

UnderRealm (The Horde)

Necropolis (cities) -

Capital Necropolis: Death Valley
Old Lace
Wisdom's End

Towns -

Black Forest
Unknown Tombs

Hivelands (Legion of Demnos)

Capital City: Terminus
Scolarus Collegium


Zed 1
Zed 2
Zed 3
Zed 4
Zed 5
Zed 6
Zed 7
Zed 8
Zed 9
Zed 10

The Krieg Army/ The Wastelands (technically the lands to the East, the Wastelands, were dominated by the Goblins - these have since been taken over by the Krieg Army while the Goblins inhabit the Underdark, a series of tunnels and underground Holds they've built over the years underneath the Wasteland)

Rather than cities and towns, the Wastelands are extremes placed against one another. Most people, especially the nomadic traders, map it out via known zones and locations rather than civilized locations.

Drachenthirst - a huge desert that separates most of the Wasteland from the rest of the world.

The Long Road - a humongous wall that used to protect a massive city, now the wall is all that's left as the city itself has been swallowed by the desert.

Deepknell - one of the only two known lakes within the Drachenthirst, the Deepknell is not only a vast lake but also has a method to gain access to the Underdark and the Heart of the World. Larger than Oasis, the Deepknell is considered neutral territory.

Oasis - the other well-known lake and stomping grounds for the nomadic traders. The Nomad's Guild has completely control of Oasis and, as such, have grown rich from trade. They maintain a standing army and their allegiance is usually bought at the highest bidder.

Winding Garuda - one of the ancient cities that mark where the Drachenthirst ends and the rest of the Wasteland begins, a wild and bizarre conflux of varying weather patterns. Winding Garuda is also one of the last surviving surface dwellings of the Goblin Faction, and is an incredibly fortified city at that. With the Goblin Faction mostly underground, the Nomad Guild is stationed here.

Isthmus of Nepthis - the last location where Nepthis once ruled in the overworld, now the location to his underground tomb and sanctum.

The Throat - a massive black spot in the heart of the desert. No one knows what it's for, save for Nepthis and possibly Demnos.

The Spine - another wall that is even taller than The Long Road, and completely blocks off the coastline of the eastern beaches of the Wasteland from the vast ocean. Only Nepthis and Demnos knows why it's there anymore, even the Goblins having forgotten why they had to build it.

Dragon's Might - an incredibly tall spire (with a sprawling Gob city at it's base) where a wizard once reigned supreme. Is rumored to have many artifacts and tomes still locked within it's stores, and there is a sprawling labyrinth underneath it. For some reason neither the Gobs nor the Krieg Army have bothered with it, really.

It's been suggested that the denizens of Dragon's Might (a mixture of the three original factions) are completely isolated from the rest of the world by a mighty dome, and they owe allegiance to no one faction.

Venerated Heights - a massive mountain range that cuts off the Northern lands from the Wasteland. It's rumored that the peaks can pierce the stratosphere, and none (not even the technological, biological and arcane wizardry of the Legion) have ever survived the attempt to cross them. There are tons of caves at the base, some of which lead into the Underdark and others that are rumored to go even deeper.

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