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Battleworld - Goblinate Forces design notes

Battleworld Design Notes - Goblin Individual Characters and Units


The Goblin King

Age: 33/???
Ht:5'9" (tall for a gob)
Wt: 130 lbs.
B/W/H: svelte/trim/slightly swively
Hand: Right
Eyes: Golden (his original eyes were Silver)
Skin: Red
Hair: Green
Musculature: He's known for having incredibly well developed shoulders and legs. The rest of him is hardened and lean from both digging as well as repeated battles.

Demeanor: Affable and always with a gentle, warm smile on his handsome face, the Goblin King (real name stricken from the record upon ascending the throne) is well-known to be an outspoken, charismatic force to be reckoned with on the political and mercantile scene. Despite this he can also handily take down down a Big Boy if need be, and can achieve great levels of violence if provoked enough.

Description: A beautiful example of his people, the Goblin King encapsulates all that their race has to offer and then some. Beautifully handsome, exquisitely shaped and versatile in his talents, the Goblin King had at one point in time almost talked the four kingdoms into an alliance, having hinted at dangerous enemies beyond the shorelines protected by the Spine that separated the mainland from the eastern sea.

Then came the Krieg, and a long, drawn-out war between the Goblinate Forces and the Army, giving the other three pseudo-allies the chance to witness the Krieg tactics and buy them time to marshal their own resources.

For what it's worth, the Goblin King fought at the frontlines each time a skirmish went down, many times going head to head with The Beast himself only for it to end in a victory for the Kriegs or a stalemate if he was good enough/lucky. This tenacity and battle prowess is what moved the Beast to accept them as vassals and allow them the slow integration into Krieg society.

The Goblins, grudgingly accepting this rather than mass execution at the hands of their conquerors, may not be as submissive as they seem.

Sexy and sensual, vicious and violent, there is a saying as old as the Incubus Kingdom on Battleworld: "A goblin betrayed is an enemy for generations. A goblin defeated but not killed is the knife just waiting to find you."

The Goblin King himself may be able to live up to that ideal, if he has his druthers.

His golden eyes, the second time ever to be seen amongst the Goblins, are actually the eyes of his friend and battle commander Eschra, his eyes having been ripped from him during a fierce battle against The Beast. Eschra, saving him from the skirmish, prayed to the goddess-mother of the goblins and sacrificed her own eyes to him, not only giving him his now-golden eyes (proof beyond measure of the goddess' favor - Eschra's eyes were the normal Goblin red) but re-growing her own in an instant, now silver-eyed, bearing the mark of the goddess' chosen.

Queen Alvierra

Age: ???
Ht: 5'0"
Wt: ???
B/W/H: 30/24/30
Hand: Ambidextrous
Eyes: Violet
Skin: Green
Hair: Red, usually worn long but will shave it into a mohawk during times of battle, a ancient symbol of violent intent amongst the Gobs.
Musculature: Despite her well-known powers as a Zapper, her body is incredibly fit and well-muscled from years of working as a soldier as welll as with the Goblin Cannonade.

Demeanor: It's been noted that no one can truly know the woman once known as the Goblin Queen. From her long history fighting against the Incubi alongside the resistance fighters to free Battleworld from their tyranny to her having ascended the throne three times only to sway back whenever she felt like it, her tally of secrets are long and half-guessed at. Her power is undeniable though, and her charisma and care for her people second only to the current King.

She has shown herself at various times to be a shy schoolgirl, a celibate nun, a powerful dominatrix, and a goblin woman of stature and confidence. Always when called upon to be a Zapper has she been wise with her abilities, and as a soldier she can be as bloodthirsty and vicious as any gob.

Description: Tall for a gob woman and genuinely the second oldest creature on Battleworld that isn't Overpowered, Alvierra has dissapeared several times from the Forces to live her life out as an herbalist, then a celibate nun, fasting and in prayer for her people. Always whenever she was called to return to the Forces in order to re-establish the royal bloodline or to oversee the new governing body she would do so. At several points in time it was even to forcibly eject a would-be tyrant from the throne, her skill with sword and shield well-known.

To the short-lived Goblins, she is the avatar of their Goddess and a champion of the people. In reality she's just a very long-lived goblin with a strong sense of duty and responsibility.

That's not to say that she doesn't have her own playful side as well, having spent more than some of those "wandering" years amongst the Horde, enjoying what they do best and living as an ambassador for her people, sharing many a game with her friend The Beauty.

Recently Alvierra had returned to the social scene ever since the current Stalemate began, her counsel to the King alone, her presence unnoticed or uncared about by the Kriegers.

It has been often said that should Alvierra's eyes turn golden, then the entire battlefield will be cleared of all life.

The Jester

Ht: 4'9"
Wt: ???
B/W/H: It's been suggested that her proportions can change at will. As such, she's also far too agile for anyone to do anything but guess that she's possibly a B-cup.
Hand: if asked she'll start pulling out fake hands from her pockets, which only materialized at the last second. Strange since she wears a harlequin unitard.
Eyes: One eye violet, the other silver.
Skin: Green, though sometimes she's known to be decked out with wild tattoos. No one knows how she's able to take them off or cover them up, goblin tats are a magical process. No known gob tattoo artists have ever worked on her.
Hair: Normally she wears a fool's twin-tailed and belled cap, but an old scroll (and rare glimpses) suggest that it's blonde and usually kept short.
Musculature: As flexible as a gymnast, as skillful as a contortionist, and too goddamned fast for anyone to guess beyond "Pretty fucking good for her size."

Demeanor: The Jester is an enigmatic figure amongst the court. None can naysay her wishes, and those wishes can sometimes be comically out of place or extreme, though never out of maliciousness but rather a certain mischievousness. Most of the Forces likes her presence and on the battlefield, where she dances and capers, she is taken as a good luck charm by the soldiery.

She almost always speaks in riddles, usually never makes any sense until the very last moment, and is regarded as being a mystic in her own right for her predictions.

Unlike Kings and Queens of the past (even in Alvierra, whom the Jester has been something of a squire, something of a servant, but always friends), the Jester has been seen in the current King's personal attendance more than once, the two talking as if old friends. Some say this is a calculated maneuver in order to upset the Goblins' favorite pastime of hooking their royalty up with other popular celebrity types.

Description: Beautiful in her own right, classically costumed in a Jester's harlequin outfit with viciously red gloves, the Jester has quite a fanbase amongst the Goblins devoted to her, some through several lifetimes. Her origins are unknown, and anything about her beyond her current hobbies and fascinations are a mystery (especially because they seem to change so drastically from day to day).

Many take her to be the current avatar of the goddess who begat their underground race. Of course those same ones also believed she'd make a great Queen for the current King, mainly because she's the most recognizable figure amongst the court.

Sadly enough, it's well known amongst the royalty that Goblins underneath the royalty are normally so dense in the skull, something normal Gobs take great delight in.

It's been suggested that at one point in time one of the Jester's eyes was black, the other golden. No one from that by-gone era are alive anymore though, and Alvierra doesn't remember or won't talk about it.

Mister Harrowgrove

Age: 13
Ht: 3'0"
Wt: 100 lbs.
B/W/H: Hard to tell - he always wears pimp coats and business suits tailored to his size.
Hand: Left
Eyes: Red
Skin: Green
Hair: Black and short.
Musculature: Despite his seemingly soft work, he actually does some of the caravanning himself, thusly always keeping his fighting abilities and skills up to par. He's not the best fighter out there, but his skills can be surprisingly strong and capable depending on the situation.

Demeanor: Shrewd, thoughtful, calculating. Very shrewd, very thoughtful, very calculating. VERY shrewd, VERY thoughtful, VERY calculating.

Description: It's been often said that Mister Harrowgrove was a goblin's worst friend. This isn't that bad of a derogatory statement as one would think, but rather a testament to the populace's estimation of his skill and mercantile prowess. Indeed he's known on sight for being a snazzy dresser, and though he doesn't inexactly disdains the underground realms of the Goblinate Forces, it's more like he just doesn't want to muss his clothes up. Stubborn and old by goblin comparisons, he's set in his ways and quick to rise to a challenge, more than willing to prove himself capable whether it be manual or mental labor.

Blackhearted Marron

Age: 113
Ht: 6'0"
Wt: >this section has been violently ripped off the sheet<
B/W/H: 38/28/36
Hand: Right
Eyes: Gold
Skin: Green
Hair: Blazingly Red. Wears it very long, even in the middle of battle, and usually braids a blade at the end of it for surprise "flicker" attacks, as well as a humongous ball of metal for blunter flick-attacks.

Musculature: Heavy and dense due to her training and her love of Mining. It's not that she's bulky with muscle but, rather, that years of mining, training and battle have hardened the lines of her body to a glorious edge.

Demeanor: Quick to wrath, quick to violence, and absolutely loves fighting. There's currently a running poll between who is a better fighter, her or her younger brother, the current Goblin King. She's also somewhat haughty and prideful due to being the tallest goblin, female or male, to have ever been born.

Description: Blackhearted Marron is actually quite one-dimensional, almost Krieg-like in her love of battle and her irresistible physicality. As Queen she would have ruled through outright intimidating and fear, perhaps even prompting Queen Alvierra to dispose of her before her ascension (a fate normally one so marked and chosen as Marron could never deny), and despite that she's still one of the most beloved figureheads due to her dangerous grace, her overt beauty, and her height and beautiful musculature.

Ever since her birth she had been groomed towards the day of defeating her family in a series of duels and taking the throne...when a simple, guileless dinner with her younger brother changed that. Though his goal was not, in fact, to sway his sister somehow he did. To this day she won't admit what it was he said that changed her mind, but for good or ill she had, prompting the much-liked current Goblin King to rise instead, practically ushering him into the throne and throwing her full support behind him (also quelling any attempts to challenge him to a duel).

Though the Goblins genuinely believe she would make a wonderful queen to the current King, she has dispelled this notion because A) the Noblers actually have an idea what incest is and how dangerous it is, and B) she's currently in a very public relationship with Phantom Conway, the only other male she truly actually admires.

Phantom Conway

Age: 23
Ht: 4'0"
Wt:113 lbs.
B/W/H: Chiseled/trim/springy
Hand: Ambidextrous, but prefers his right hand.
Eyes: Red
Skin: Green
Hair: Black mottled with red flecks that he wears into a ponytail.
Musculature: Is noted for being incredibly strong for a goblin male, but is also as flexible as the Jester, though not as agile as her. Apparently it's his freakish flexibility and high threshold of pain that allows him to survive being blown from a Cannon, not to mention the insane stunts he likes to pull for the delight of the masses and his own self.

Demeanor: Playful, humorous, and enjoys entertaining crowds as much as he does shanking targets in the shadows. Incredibly loyal to the crown, and just as loyal to his beloved. Fierce in a straight-up fight and his high agility and flexibility should never be overlooked as a mere footnote.

Description: While most goblins are stupid, some are reincarnated and begin the slow ascent to Nobler society, some Noblers slowly de-evolving with each reincarnation. Thankfully both are kept in balance (slower rate of ascension than descending), especially considering the Nobler's greater lifespans.

Though he'd never admit it himself, it's greatly believed that Phantom Conway is exactly one of these types, bound for greatness not only in the next couple of reincarnations but also able to achieve some of that greatness in this one, and indeed he has...though he'd attribute his freakish ability to survive multiple Cannonades due to a freak mutation.

Or as he puts it, "Guess the luck's just in my blood."

While he can be as dense as any gob, he does have flashes of insight and intellect that sets him apart from the rest of the populace, and by his own actions he's risen in the eyes of the court and amongst the Nobler families.

Is currently happily in a serious relationship with Blackhearted Marron, a woman whom he describes of as being "Loving, warm, and gentle."

No one believes that, but they DO believe it when he says "The taller the better, and Her Tallness is best!"

Weezra the Oracle

Age: 19
Ht: 3'3"
Wt: ??? (several attempts to answer, all erased, then simply crossed out was left behind)
B/W/H: 28/22/30
Hand: Left
Eyes: Silver
Skin: Green
Hair: Black with a noticeable (and attractive, to other gobs) green sheen to it. Usually wears it in a neat braid to the middle of her back.
Musculature: Though softened by the magical arts and her own mousey nature, she does keep to a regular regimen of physical activity in order to retain enough strength to support her magical will.

Demeanor: In battle she can be cutely fierce, especially if someone she cares about is in danger. Around those she cares about, she becomes mousey, shy, and can sometimes even come off as a bit standoffish (though obvious about it - staring at them from the corner of her eye when she thinks they're not looking). Despite her pretty gob looks, she hates it when someone calls her beautiful, wanting to be cute instead. Sometimes stutters when she loses her confidence.

All this changes, though, when it comes to the magical arts. As a Zapper and having dealt with interdimensional beings, she's more than well aware of her shortcomings and constantly pushes to improve herself, her will insanely strong during times of magical stress. Despite her (comparatively) low magical power, her iron will has cowed more than one interdimensional being and has earned her the accolades of stronger entities than can be found on this plane.

Description: Of classically goblin looks and proportions, the Oracle is amongst the candidates to become the next Queen, a position that she publicly ignores since she absolutely hates having attention like that. Her dealings with the Jester (another person who has the ability to see the future, something that shouldn't occur more than once amongst the Goblinate Forces) has only made things even more heated, having gotten into public feuds with the other woman who simply cannot help herself but to goad the Oracle into such spectacles.

What does set her apart, though, is that she is believed to be a chosen one of their goddess, who marks her favored with silver eyes. Ever since the Krieg Army arrived (an event predicted secretly by the Jester, told only to the King, but also delivered to the court by the Oracle) though, many are left wondering what it is their goddess wants them to do.

Most simply believe she gave them a worthy foe to throw themselves at, literally (the cannonade and all that) sending the Krieg to them as targets.

Has her own fanbase amongst the squabbling and stupid Gobs, though they only watch from afar because of how shy she can become around other people.

Is secretly proud of how she's taller than an average goblin female, but that pride was dashed the day she personally met Blackhearted Marron, whom she has a secret crush on (despite her equally fervent crush on the King).

Seneschal Eschra

Age: 31
An enigma amongst Goblins, Eschra is a goblin soldier who is as smart as Nobler but isn't. She swore herself to the King's service and friendship years back, and is his "blood sibling" from when they were young (they cut their hands and clasped them together). Since then she has watched his back, having saved his life countless times and yet has rarely will accept rewards or thanks. Gruff and stern to a point, she's a powerful soldier who has done more than her fair share of mucking about. Can learn weaponskills and martial arts, and is one of the few goblins who can actually wear heavy armor.

A Ripper and, because of her training and experience, is a Knight Templer.

Is secretly desperately in love with the King, but is too goddamned tsundere to admit it openly. She's one of the public favorites to become the King's bride.

Ht: 4'0"
Wt: (has expertly eviscerated the census taker)
B/W/H: 32/28/32
Hand: Right
Eyes: Silver (transplants though - her original eyes were red)
Skin: Green
Hair: Light blue streaked with silver, usually cut short but at the beginning of the game it's suggested that she's been growing it out.
Musculature: Advanced soldier's training, martial artistry, and her own personal endeavors have left her with a battle-hardened, largely-muscled body that can still come off as effeminate with the proper clothing.

Demeanor: Gruff, stern, and is normally stuck in "cranky" mode. Has the best poker face in the entire game the moment she goes soldier mode. Can soften up plenty though the moment she gets around the Goblin King outside of their official positions, and she has been noted for having a beautiful laugh.

Most of the time though, she's a deadly, effective killing machine on and off the battlefield and can snap into that mode faster simply out of reflex from time to time. As such she's a lethal survivalist with a keen eye for details, awareness of her environment, and a strange intuition that allows her mind to process information faster than she can honestly think and come to a conclusion - strangely enough, this ability to "think without thinking" has worked out for the best considering her constant bickering with Mister Harrowgrove over supplies for the Forces standing army and miners.

Description: Though she dreams of being a wife type, Eschra has become more than simply the consummate soldier but also something of an infiltration expert, doing both out of sheer loyalty and unspoken love of the Goblin King. Blood-bound siblings in their shared youth (y'know, cut their palms and shook hands, swearing to be friends forever kinda thing) and the closest to him than anyone, Eschra nevertheless finds herself the furthest from him though upon becoming King, working hard and forcing herself to become more intelligent simply to stay by his side. Unlike other goblins though, the wisdom and knowledge she gained stuck around, and she began to realize more and more of her own unbound potential.

Eventually she would earn the rank of Seneschal and gain access to Knight Templar training, increasing her effectiveness. During this time was when the King ascended and, unlike the rest of the Goblinate Forces, she's the only one who remembers his real name. It was a wonderful time for all Goblins that day...

It was also during this time that the barbaric Kriegs attacked, where the Beast himself struck down the Goblin King in the very first day of their offensive, tearing his once-silver eyes from his head.

It was also the day where Eschra saved his life, sacrificing her own eyes to her beloved friend, her red eyes turning gold and her own reforming a new pair, proof of the goddess' favor to them both.

To this day she remains a close confidante, friend, and is a public option for Queen candidacy. Though she is secretly unable to truly form the words, she really does have an unbound love and fondness of the King and only wishes to see him happy.

Even at the cost of her own life.

Individual Units - all gobs wear pretty much earth tones.

Digger - Light armors, leathers, and they carry a sword and a shovel which they can dual wield with.

Gobber - They look like Gobbers, but can be customized towards just about any jorb.

Caster - They usually wear only light robes and clothing.

Ripper - They specialize in heavier leather armors, some mail-types, and fighting with one sword, two swords, or two-handed swords. Everything about them is meant to speak of sleekness, swiftness, and an emphasis on speed and agility.

Juicer - larger than your standard gob, and usually noted for wearing torn and shredded clothing since they're too dumb to remember to take OFF said clothing before drinking the "GET BIG" potion.

Zerker - Zerker gobs can look like just about any gob, really. The only difference is that they have a red triangle that can be seen branded on their aura.

Miner - Clothing onry, and they usually only use their shovels and spades as weapons. They use hard hats with lanterns on them for helmets, and are rather muscular due to their livelihoods. Strangely enough, Miners are smarter than your average gob and usually are the ones who beget Nobler souls later on. Still dumb as shit, just a very rough kind of wisdom.

Mucker - Muckers usually wear clothes and robes, but they can also utilize other types of armors. Best known for their money-bags.

Big Boy - Giant. Fucking. Gobs. Literally. They usually wear loincloths and that's all.

Fun story: the Big Boys get dumber as they grow larger, but there is one story that they've all come to believe (no one knows how), basically that the whole of Battleworld is actually a boil on the nose of a universe-big Big Boy, just floating in space and having a good time giggling at stars. The Big Boys honestly believe that if they grow larger they too can someday become the gigantic Big Boy, with Battleworld as the boil on their nose.

Disgusting, but proof that they at least don't lack imaginations.

Big Boys have horrible senses of direction. Getting them to aim anything or do any delicate work is a feat of heroism in and of itself, and usually the best plan with them is if you're not going to force them to carry stuff, simply let them run amok.

Sneakers - Sneakers make use of leather armor and cloth-style armors, as well as eclectic accessories such as rolls of bandaging and masks. They are known for their various methods of lethal attacks, using poisons and knives as well as slim, quick swords and flexible blades.

Sapper - Slightly degenerate looking due to their inability to utilize any kind of safety equipment during their training and use, the Sappers are noted for looking like normal gobs but with bent backs and are usually lugging around loads they're too dumb to realize are too heavy for them. Cloth only.

Zapper - Robes and staves are the hallmark of the Zapper magicker, and they can also utilize leather armors as well. Each Zapper will hoard any and all magical items they come across, and will never show them to other Zappers out of fear of losing them in a challenge or game of some sort.

Nobler - Noblers, in general, are the leaders of the Goblinate Forces, and as such they're smarter and with a higher sense of fashion. There's whole lines of clothing that only they wear (normal gobs don't know how to use that many buckles and buttons) noted for silver bells and buttons, and they tend to go outside of the usual earth tones for their wardrobe. They're also the ones who can learn how to use plate armors and heavier armors in general, and some will combine a series of differing armors in order to show off their own personal flair.

Knight Templer - At this level, Noblers (in general) begin to exclusively favor Medium and Heavy armors to anything else. There's also more silver and gold within their clothing, as tribute to the mother-goddess of their people.

Warmaster - At this level, a Nobler begins to once again show off their personalized stylings when it comes to the kinds of armor and weapons they use as their knowledge of such begins to rise to an art form. Many will start to use exclusively silver at this point, and gold is only ever used as a design point rather than actual use..

Harbinger - Harbingers are the ones who are able to best use exotic metals for their work, such as the Black Gold or magic-boosting Onyx armors. They're also the only ones able to thoroughly use Diamond Armor at its' full power without sacrificing speed (beyond the normal heavy armor issues).

Nanners - Strangely enough Nanners have access to a wide variety of armors, all the way up to heavy plate. Most Nanners will use robes and clothes though, since such fussy equipment is for "higher types."

Merker - Their backs straighten. They gain a foot in height. They put on lab coats and hugefuck steampunk goggles. They put on
rubber boots and gloves, and begin to employ proper safety procedures. Still dumb as fuck though.

Cannader - Like any normal soldier (leather armor, swords), only they gain access to heavy forms of leather armor and have a giant cannon behind them.

Nilboggers - They look like any other gob, save for the whole healing factor thing.

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