Friday, January 27, 2012

Battleworld: Meet The Kraze Armada

Y'know, for the record I've already got all four kingdom's character and unit descriptions done. Now I'm just slogging through individual starting values for each one.


So naturally instead today I just started writing the Kraze Armada story instead. With that in mind, I'm postin' the Kraze Armada unit and character descriptions here.

G'wan and lemme know what you think in the comment section, eh?

Battleworld - Kraze Armada (list of characters and individual unit description)

Capital City: New Kyoto

Scholars and loremasters, Battlemages and War Wizards, the Armada hail from the sunny, beautiful lands of the West. Descendants of the blood of Neo-Tokyo's imperial bloodline, they hold fast to those traditions and the ideals of Harkonnen Kraze, the Planeswalker from that world. As such they utilize all captured equipment and are keen battle strategists, their analytical abilities on par with even the Legion of Demnos.

Able to utilize magic, psionics and weaponry they also have the ability to learn how science, energy and martial skills work together and incorporate them into their own battalions.


Empress Makiko Kraze (Umezawa)

41 years old, as deadly as she is beautiful, Makiko is a direct descendant of Harkonnen Kraze herself and is a first-class Battlemage with excellent psionic and spiritual defenses. As a frontline skirmisher Makiko is an unparalleled swordmaster, second only to The Beast and her own son.

A powerful will is what allows her to be able to directly act in battle, keep her people rallied together and keep both her own court and the Council of Elders that rule the Magic College kowtowed and satisfied. It was also this will that bound together these scheming factions behind the imperial throne once again, earning their respect through outright combat prowess and intellectual might.

Up until the ascendancy of the new Empress, infighting and political scheming has kept Tokyo Two from expanding beyond their borders. Also the machinations of the Magic College (a relatively new power that arose from the ashes of a previous attempt, the Coalition of Magic) has kept the Imperials from completely controlling Tokyo Two, and for an added bonus comes the representative of the non-imperial people of Tokyo Two, always aware of their precarious, powerless position and ready to aid anyone in exchange for more freedoms.

Then came Makiko Umezawa (and her entourage): soldier of fortune, first valedictorian of the College, and the Heroine of Death Valley (one of the most noteworthy of battles thus far amongst all four established powers). Ascending the Imperial Throne by right of blood and honorable deeds, she swiftly and successfully united Tokyo Two (while also pacifying the attempts of the College to turn her into a puppet politician) and renamed it "The Armada of Kraze," changing her name as well to the legendary Kraze name.

Like the leaders of the other three powers, Makiko received the summons to the Heart of the World where the will of Nepthis was heard: only one may rise and gain his power, essentially a free ticket into the Extreme Existence, to replace him as a new Overpowered. Only to the one capable of unifying the world shall go this power, otherwise he will destroy this world and the entire quadrant in his desire for freedom.

Makiko, sensing more behind this, seeks any means necessary to safeguard this world for her son and future generations of her matter the obstacle.

Stands at 6'0", busty and voluptuous even as she approaches middle age. Has surprisingly green eyes, black hair that used to be long until she cut it for her first skirmish. Is extremely athletic and swift, but has shown surprising bouts of strength from time to time beyond the human norm (including lifting and hefting a gigantic proton cannon to use against the Legion of Demnos when she had to buy time for reinforcements).

Outside of her razor sharp intellect and damn near predatory instincts, what most ambassadors and enemies alike remember the most of her are her noteworthy, full lips.

Even on the battlefield her lips are bathed in red, though then it's only from the blood of her first kill, a tradition she carries on today.

Emperor Kazehiko Kraze (Umezawa)

Age 21
Conceived on a battlefield and born in the mourning hall of a Horde Necropolis, "Hiko" is a powerful soldier and strategist ("Just like momma!") but it should be noted that though he has resistances to magic and spiritual energies, he has absolutely NO aptitude for magic. Second-in-command (and is considered "Emperor," though his official title is one step lower than his mother, naturally) and rules the Armada alongside his mother, whom he completely dotes on.

There are many scandalous rumors that suggest his father might be either Makiko's cousin third-removed, Baron Randal Umezawa, who helped raise the boy at his chateau but, for the most part, those rumors are usually kept quiet or simply not around the capital due to fear of Makiko's wrath.

Despite his scandalous birth, both the people of the land and the imperials have fallen in love with Hiko's good nature as well as his solid soldiery and leadership, viewing him as a worthy successor to Makiko's legacy after her demise in the, hopefully, far-flung future.

King Angrem Grim

Age 113
A King in his own lands whose sovereignty is recognized by both the Armada and the Horde, he is nevertheless a psychotic undead luchadore who is completely loyal to Makiko Kraze. A powerful, tanklike Necromorph warrior with high movement.

He is NOT Armor Grim.

Armor Grim

Age ???
A masked luchadore superhero who is never in the same place as Angrem Grim. He is, in fact, not Angrem Grim, King of the Grimlands, but is the masked hero Armor Grim. A powerful, tanklike Necromorph with high movement who can fly (backwards).


Age ???
No one questions Pochi's presence, who has been around since the people of Tokyo Two first settled on Battleworld. On the other hand, any who DO question Pochi's age finds themselves getting distracted from such a quest.

In battle mode Pochi has excellent defensive capabilities and fairly good mobility, while in stealth mode he cannot attack but has godlike range of mobility. He can combine attacks with any Kraze unit, and can even act as a mount for said Kraze unit!

Baron Randal Machiavelli (Umezawa)

Age 62
Despite his age Randal (named Machiavelli for his skillful political maneuverings) retains the boyish good looks and vigor of his youth. It was due to his machinations that Makiko was subtly and gently guided out of the military and onto the throne, while also ensuring that she was kept VERY well aware of the College's attempts to keep her under their sway. In the beginning he, as well as many others, viewed her as a useful pawn but shortly swore an oath of fealty to her after she confronted him about it. In her own direct fashion, she thoroughly drew him into making her dream a reality: to unify the entirety of Tokyo Two and to bring honor to the name of Harkonnen Kraze and the three main families of the imperial bloodline.

It is a dream that, to this day, Randal is willing to fight, to die, and to kill for.

Third in command, his rich silk robes conceal a body hardened and skilled through years of dueling. A worthy swordsman, noted enchanter and War Wizard. It has been suggested that he's the reason for both the rise and downfall of the Coalition of Magic, though these suggestions are usually met with a sly smile, a chuckle and a change of subjects.

Chancellor Fivel Wraith

Age 83
Fivel is the head representative from the council of Elders (the Magic College). A scholar and loremaster of noteworthy skill. Unlike her other companions, he was the most vocal against Makiko's valedictorian standing (preferring his own chosen student) and, later, her rise to imperial power.

Because of his gruff standing and concern with honesty, Makiko trusts him explicitly - Fivel has proven himself time and time again to be able to give his honest opinion, as well as to admit when he's been proven wrong.

A dirty old man who hates with a blind passion.

Shuhei Taka

Age 27
A farmer-soldier who acts as the chosen rep of the People of Tokyo Two, he is the chosen guy who actually relays what the people's votes are to the imperials who run this joint. Unlike others in the past who have become corrupted puppets of the Court and other factions, Taka is incredibly stolid, boring and as straight-laced as it comes, making him the perfect relay guy. Makiko values his earnestness and straightforwardness and, as such, has actually had people assassinated for attempting to sway the decisions he carries.

As a farmer, Shuhei is awesome. As a soldier, he relies more on luck and his trusty pitchfork than he does any kind of extreme prowess - despite that, he's survived battles that have felled stronger, more noteworthy men.

Tiramisu Souflee

Age ???
A strange creature that may or may not be an alien. An excellent chef who is a capture artist with the unprecedented ability to spot "cloaked" or "stealthed" creatures.

Though it is suggested Souflee used to be a member of the Legion, Demnos himself has stated before that he hasn't a fucking clue where this creature has come from nor what it is.

Sadly enough, neither does Tiramisu.

"Heartless" Hillary Shrike

Age 25
Younger sister of Devon Shrike, a mercenary and bounty hunter. Hillary was betrayed by her brother and left for dead during a pivotal battle - all she hungers for now isn't even an explanation, just straight-up vengeance. A psionic, soldier and crossbowwoman the only reason her brother was able to blindside her is because she never thought to check his thoughts.

Individual Units

Soldiers - standard infantry unit. Can use medical to heal other soldier-type units. Can equip most kind of gear. Can capture units. Can combine or hex with anyone.
Advances -> specialists, dragonriders, war wizards, xbowmen

Scholars - analysis, resource augment, spell augment, research augment, interrogators. Can combine/hex with magical types. Weak offense/defense.
Advances -> Loremaster, engineers, specialists

Hedge Wizards - magic type, conjuring/summoning, enchanting. Can combine/hex with magical types or summons. Very diverse and customizable depending on how you build their individual spell lists.
Advances -> Battlemages, war wizards, geomancers, scholars

Djinn - hardy unit that combines melee with spellcasting and a nasty anti-air capability. No real defense, but high attack options and high range of mobility. Summoned via contract only (you cannot summon anything else with the contracted unit, and should the contracted unit die then the Djinn is banished). Amazing medics whose skill is greater than healing spells, and they're necessary to unlock Drachenlings.

Dragons - flying juggernauts with disgustingly high stats. Awesome mobility and can transport.
Advances -> Dragonriders

Dragonriders - doubles the attack rate and stats of any single dragon or soldier, twice the mobility range and can even use spells. Can capture as well as transport. Flying.

Engineers - research augment, create or destroy all kinds of constructs, can analyze to learn new constructs, explosives, sappers, fortify bases - can improve gear with permanent stat bonuses (once per unit). Crap offense, fair defense and mobility. Can reverse-engineer SCIENCE.

Drachenlings - human/dragon hybrids created by magic and interdimensional knowledge. Drachenlings have incredible stats and resistances, never suffer from interdimensional sickness and automatically interrogate units they capture. Can never be stunned, turned, banished or brainwashed.

Specialists - customized unit, you can choose a skill or ability and immediately gain bonuses for it. Can further advance into any jorb (so long as they meet the requirements).

Xbowmen - crossbowmen, great long range and excellent mobility. Low hp, defense and are the only ones who can use crossbows (any soldier type can use bows, but they aren't anywhere as effective as Xbowmen). Anti-air, anti-construct, and their hex attack can be incredibly strong.

Engel/Daemon - high level summons, Engel specialize in healing and defensive spells while Daemons focus on offensive attacks and spells. Both are excellent at melee and can fly. While summoned both provide stat bonuses to nearby units.

Loremasters - solid offensive and defensive capabilities, middling mobility. Can cause AoE healing, defense or offense around themselves. Can analyze, research, train, capture, interrogate and can further specialize in flying or mining. Optimizes attacks to target enemy weaknesses upon analysis.

Geomancers - martial artists, elemental AoE spells, summons and REALLY crappy defenses (unless you have conjured buffs up). Heavily resistant against SCIENCE. Can also transport.

War Wizards - uses spells to enchant weapons and armor. Only magic class outside of Battlemages who can use heavy armor with no negatives to movement. Middling mobility. Transport. Can interrogate captured units in order to enchant other's gear at higher levels.

Battlemages - can use any armor, any weapon and can cast more spells (and types of spells) than any other class. Can enchant, conjure, banish, summon, and learn SCIENCE as well as martial arts and weaponskills. Not as good an enchanter as War Wizards and cannot cast Geomancer spells. Has a somewhat fairly high range of mobility despite the heavy armor (they suffer no penalties) and gains bonuses to spellcasting, offense and defense.