Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wanna see what I'm workin' on? :D

So, some interesting things occurred earlier, and I had to do a mic test so to speak, test out and find out what the hell's goin' on.

For SOME reason, a different blog "" is starting to show up on other people's blogrolls rather than my own "" or even my old "" posts. interesting and, as far as I can tell, not B.T.'s fault (the owner of that site) since they haven't even posted since November of last year.


So either this IS a sneak attack of some sorts (can that even be done here at Blogger?), or Googles is just screwin' up.  More than likely the latter.

So, do lemme know if you haven't received a post from The Pen Is My Sword for awhile, yah?  I need to figure out what's goin' on.

For puttin' up with my crap, here's a FRESH, HOT, JUST WROTE IT segment from one of the greatest battles in Taboo 2: Magic, Misfits, and Mayhem.



One fell to their knees, shivering as the Brownies hacked and filleted at them, ignoring the brutal flames as the assassin immolated himself with a death-triggered spell.  Falling face-first, the young man kicked once then lay still as the fae creatures swarmed away from the body to find a new target.  Several drones, once again under the control of Control itself, brutally smashed into two other assassins, crushing and pressing them to death even as they wriggled to get their hands free.

Those that didn't fall or focus on the attacks from Williams' unit immediately fell to the brutal force of the Troll.

Almost in slow motion, as delicate as any dancer, Dash spun and lashed out with a fist here, a foot there, felling two with his claws alone.  Feeling orbs of ice slam against his kinetic aura at close range he spun about and wrapped his humongous hands around the upper torso of another magi, ignoring the blows and spells landing on his powerful back as he focused only on the sublime feeling of murdering the assassin in his grip, his thumbs crossing to choke and crush the life out him.


Lost in his battle craze, Dash hurled the corpse aside and immediately grabbed another assassin, spinning around and grinding their face against what was left of the melted wall, the darkness dispelled for another blinding second as their feet hit the Incinceration Web spell that was still active overhead, turning into a fine mist from the ankles down.

Dash panted as he gazed about, his senses incited by the free-flowing blood splattering the ground, the smell of ozone and charred earth, the sounds of broken flesh and bodies strewn about nearly tipping him over the edge as the monster within him glutted on the carnage, the violence.

Taking a moment and realizing that the battle was over almost as soon as it had begun, Dash took two steps back, the fired bolts dying down as the Ricketts twins, lost in their own battle lust, realized the fight had ended.

Controls' voice rang clear as she stated simply, "All targets eliminated.  The Garage is clear.  Please cover your eyes "

Almost as one the young magi, Grease Monkey, and Dash all howled a battle cry, their voices mingling for a single, glorious moment.  The lights came on and almost immediately Williams unit stumbled about and groaned, holding onto their eyes.

Grease Monkey laughed and slapped Williams on the back hard enough to stagger the younger man, "HAH!  Ya gotta keep yer eyes closed and adjust, cabrone!!  See whatchoo get?  That's a learning experience, mang!"

Willaims coughed into his fist and looked about, frowning at the gore on the ground, "Wait, weren't there more Brownies?"

Hirsute Tallest, cackling gleefully and dancing a jig, looked up and nodded, "Aye, there be more of us.  Above ground we hath joined the battle~!  This be just a token of our forces, the rest doing our work


So, what do you think?  So far my real life beta readers think it's a pretty vivid combat scene, but what do YOU think, eh?  Hit me up in the commentary below.

ORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR you can buy/review/star/tweet/post about Taboo 0 goin' on sale, eh?

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So, you don't you have a Nook or Kindle readers?  Not even the new Kindle Fire?  Well you DO realize they have free versions for your smart phone or p.c., right?  Hell, they might even have it for PS3~!  Wouldn't be surprised. :D

So, here's what you do: go download or snag the Nook and Kindle readers at their respective places, then buy Taboo 0 for each version and see which one you like the best!

Cool?  Cool!


~That Bastard

P.S. - Erm, let's see...just google up "Barnes and Noble Nook," "Amazon Kindle," or "Thomas Duder The Generalist Taboo 0" for all that mess I just posted. :D  in the very least it'll add one more search on Googles, y'know?  Always a help for meh. <3

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Just in case you didn't notice...

Yeap.  It's happened.  I'm sellin' The Generalist - Taboo 0: Cliché of Memories over at Amazong right the hell now~!  All 44 pages with as complete an editing job as I can muster, a bit more content (to patch up some of the holes I purposefully left in when I posted it here~!), and also with this snazzy cover done by none other than Jade herself over at Jaded Shots (!

So the current edition of Taboo 0 is, well not WONKY, but I'm reformatting it for Smashwords (so you Nook readers and fellow Barnes and Noble whores can snag it up~!) and will be moving the Authors' Notes to the back.  That and a major relevation: it's currently up for $2.99, which is outrageous since I wasn't going to raise the price until Taboo 1 is released~!  It SHOULD be at the wonderfully low price of $1.50, but bah...fucking Amazong is dragging their feet.

Still, I'm as excited as it gets and am more than willin' to spread this around!  Let yer friends know, tell yer folks, scream it to the goddamn hills.

The Man In Black is slingin' dem books.

Retweet mah tweets, repost dem posts, spread that link around!  OR you can search me on Amazon simply by typing in "Thomas Duder" or "Thomas Duder The Generalist" at the Amazong search bar~!

I'd suggest waiting 'til the price drops to $1.50, but hey - if you've already read it here and like what you've read, go ahead and gimme some stars and a review!  If you can't afford the buck fiddy, an honest review and star will help me out tremendously anyway. :D

Buy the e-book as a cheap gift for your loved one!  Hell, buy a Kindle and pre-load it with this puppy before putting it in their stocking stuffer!

Do what you do, mah peoples, and spread it around~!


~Thomas Duder

P.S. - Say, you on the KDP Forums?  I've been recently stomping around over at that unmoderated trolls' paradise and havin' a ball!  There's some genuinely sensitive souls there, and people who genuinely are looking to expand their marketing networks and establish new contacts as well as learning tips and tricks of marketing and self-publishing.

Then there's people like me, and those are the one's I've been jukin' around with. :D

So if yer already there, gimme a holler at "thomasduder" yeah?

Friday, September 14, 2012


A deafening roar, the crash of the spray
The blood in my head, it pulses and thunders

Thunders like a drum
Like the one in me

I can only live today, to work for my bread
The breath I take, it may be my last

Lasting in me
I scream for more

Post existential, possibly transcendant
What shall become of me, within my life

Selfish desires
One just like me

I walk a shadow, my footsteps light
My deeds go punished, I know not why

Others who fall
Used to it as they are

I try to comprehend
The lives others live
I try to understand
But the silence is so loud

In my head
In my head
Oh this confusion
Simply trying to be

In my head
In my

But the silence is loud