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Battleworld - Kraze Armada design notes

Battleworld Design Notes - Kraze Individual Characters and Units


Empress Makiko Kraze (Umezawa)
Theme Song: Strange Wings - Savatage
Duel Stage (Makiko versus The Beast): X (Group De Hymne) - X-Japan

Age: 41
Ht: 6'0"
Wt: gets violent whenever this question comes up.
B/W/H: 36/29/38
Hand: Right-handed, can secretly fight and operate with her left
Eyes: vividly green
Skin: pale
Hair: short-ish black hair
Musculature: Design-wise she looks like a bodicon model with heavier arms (and the specifications I've written above), but the athletic muscles of her frame can become serious and outlined in thick, gloppy bold ink when she exerts her true power. It's generally accepted that her muscles are "dense" due to her years of conditioning, marching about and fighting while wearing full plate armor.

Demeanor: Stoic, superior, follows the philosophies of Harkonnen Kraze closely. In direct battle she can be quite ferocious, even bloodthirsty. As a leader though, she rules with an iron will and employs tactics that are as efficient as they can brutal. One of the points that has earned her the respect of her military is her willingness to to exploit any weakness in the enemy ranks, and what has earned her the fear of her neighbors is her willingness to destroy any who dares set themselves directly against her.

Description: A soldier, warrior woman, general, Empress and a mother. Makiko Kraze has lived to perform many great deeds, unifying her fractured nation and entering into the world stage as a supreme, even feared power. Above all though is her own will, her own freedom of choice - to that end she now seeks to further that goal, to secure the world for her son's future and the future of all that lives on Battleworld. It's believed quite far and wide that should she ever deign to take a mate, that person will probably be ruined for all other sentience beings on the planet.

Nevertheless, though her beauty and womanly ways are a source of scandalous discussion amongst the public, none would dare say it where she could hear: she can be a kind Empress but she lacks patience and can forget about subtlety the moment someone crosses one of her lines. As quick to punish as she is to reward, her personal mannerisms are as blunt as a warhammer and ever a reminder of her background as a soldier and a warrior.

As the people of Tokyo Two put it, it's simple: don't cross the woman, and you'll probably get what you need out of the deal.

Her views towards the Horde: "So long as they do not view us as prey, I care not one wit what those perverts do with each other."

Her views towards the Krieg: "Their philosophy is twisted, but familiar. The strong rule, the weak submit. Ultimately our two kingdoms are going to have to truly confront one another for good and all. If their philosophy allows for only one of us to stand, then the Armada of Kraze shall be the only banner to remain raised!"

Her views towards the Legion: "Demnos is a stinking coward who uses his people as puppets. I respect their technical prowess, but not at the cost of individuality and the freedom of personal expression."

Her views towards the Goblin Forces: "We were never allies and, indeed, there was a subtle war of trade and mercantile going on in the background of our dealings. But the Goblin King has always treated us with respect and never sided with the Horde against us. I feel for their subjugation, and would alleviate that if I could. No one should suffer under a dictator, especially one as brutal as The Beast."

Her views towards Nepthis the Everdust: "A legend that has deigned to disturb the lives of everyone on this planet with his existence. I shall accept his terms or not, this choice is mine to make of my own volition. To hold the world hostage only proves that there's more in the background than he is letting on...we shall see. We shall see."

Emperor Kazehiko Kraze (Umezawa)
Theme Song: Fight the Youth - Fishbone

Age: 21
Ht: 6'1"
Wt: 200 lbs.
B/W/H: Manly/Manly/Manly
Hand: Ambidextrous, but favors his personalized heavy lance (Designated Driver) in his left hand.
Eyes: Purple
Skin: Pale, tending towards olive
Hair: Black (longer than his mother's, almost to his shoulders)
Musculature: He's a heavily-muscled young man, though he can exhibit a whip-like agility due to his training. Has the horrifying tendency of ripping his shirt off and flexing whenever he, Angrem Grim, and his uncle Baron get together.

Demeanor: Much like his mother, his personality changes when on the battlefield. Normally he has a fondness for bad jokes and pranks (like his uncle, Machiavelli) and can get away with a bit more with the troops than his mother can, for all that they're both of the same soldier stock. He can be quite easy going and fun-loving outside of his job, but the moment he gets onto the battlefield he becomes all business, his intensity only growing to a finite edge the closer to direct combat he gets.

Description: Tall and muscular, his physicality can be a tangible thing outside of his armor and if it wasn't for his quick smile and easy-going mannerisms he'd actually be quite intimidating. Despite his bulk he moves with a grace that is almost inhuman, a trait shared by his uncle (the very same duelist who trained him personally) due to the kind of swordsman training he's undergone. A man of quite a few words and less sensibilities, outside of combat and court manners he can be socially clumsy on a personal level and tends to prefer being seen in his "official" positions.

A young man who shares his mother's dream in seeing their people safe and protected against the terrors of this harsh world, he nevertheless chafes from time to time from her devotion to him as well. As he's willing to put it though, it's kinda hard to move out on your own when your mother rules the land.

As second in command (and named "Emperor" by his very own mother, who has created a kind of political kerfuffle by NOT stepping down when she did), it's his job to handle communications, training and the supply of the people of Tokyo Two as well as overseeing the efficiency of the Imperial social programs. Because of this, he's generally the face of the court to the lower classes of Tokyo Two as a whole, a job that he'd normally just cough about except that the people have come to love him for his passion and empathy towards their plight.

King Angrem Grim
Theme Song: Smoke and Mirrors - Jim Johnston

Age: 113
Ht: 5'9"
Wt: 300 lbs pure muscle
B/W/H: Bara/Bara/Bara
Hand: He has two.
Eyes: Purple
Skin: Pale skin darkened by a bluish tinge.
Hair: Red


Description: A powerful king who rules with the high charisma that can be found in many other Horde member, Grim is an undead wrestler who prefers to deal with issues and troubles with his own two hands. Sometimes his head, but mostly his hands.

The Grimlands is a small spit of land within the UnderRealm, one where a old tribe of zombie necromancers have long since ruled and was once even the capital city for this kingdom. It has been also said that this was the last battle between the world and the Incubi race that once ruled this world, and that the Grimlands are the graveyard for that destroyed race.

As such, the Grim tribe were reportedly the ones who struck the fatal blow and, since then, the Grims have always carried the burden of constantly watching out for their return, doing what they can to stop any resurrection attempts as well as warn the rest of the Horde.

Due to political reasons the Grimlands and Angrem Grim himself was "gifted" to the Armada, and though Grim travels amongst Makiko's entourage he has leave to go back whenever he gets the word from his kin of the Incubi's return, in order to be amongst the first to defeat them.

Unlike the rest of his kin, he (for whatever reason) completely lacks the ability to harness necromantic magics even though he's amongst the first successful necromorph soldiers. Being a soldier as well as a martial artist, he makes up his inability to use magic with an over-the-top, melee prowess and hand-to-hand skill that few can truly match.

Armor Grim
Theme Song: High Road - Fort Minor
Power Up: Dead Man Walking - Bloodsimple

Age ???
Ht: 6'0"
Wt: It's unknown
B/W/H: Bara/Bara/Bara
Hand: Gloved.
Eyes: He wears a black jaguar mask, so it's hard to see his face.
Skin: Pale skin darkened by a bluish tinge.
Hair: Black


Description: A powerful king who rules with the high charisma that can be found in many other Horde member, Armor Grim is an undead wrestler who prefers to deal with issues and troubles of the people of the Grimlands with his own two hands. Sometimes his head, but mostly his hands.

For his own reasons, he has followed King Angrem Grim in his responsibilities and has sworn fealty to the Kraze Armada as well. Being a proud and powerful Grimsman as well he has also received the perk of being able to leave for the Grimlands the MOMENT a warning of Incubi has been received.

Theme Song: Stress - Jim's Big Ego

Age: He's been around for as long as anyone can ever remember.
Ht: Sitting down, his head comes up to about waist-high on Makiko.
Wt: His weight fluctuates with his appetites. Sometimes he eats light, especially when worried about one he cares about. Shuhei swears he goes anywhere from 100 lbs. to 300 lbs.
B/W/H: He's a dog. Don't ask me this, you sick fuck.
Hand: Right-pawed.
Eyes: One eye blue, one eye brown.
Skin: When he's shaved, his skin is dark.
Hair: His fur is black with white ear hair.
Musculature: Ranges with the season, but he's normally a slab of a muscle. It's been suggested that he's descended from a german shepard/british mastiff bloodline.

Demeanor: Ranges from puppy-like exuberance to battle-hardened wardog bloodlust. Is especially close with Kazehiko and, unless in a battle against them, seems to adore Horde peoples and Goblins. Seems to have an all-consuming, maddened hatred of both Nepthis the Everdust and Demnos alike, and it's been noted that he simply doesn't trust anyone of the Krieg Army.

Description: Shuhei Taka is usually Pochi's handler whenever one is needed. Normally Pochi just takes care of himself, and can be quite intelligent and independent, even to the point of writing in the dirt with a stick if need be.

While he does take to regular breeding sessions, he lives far from the ideal dog's life: the dog is constantly training alongside the soldiery, and is something of a good luck talisman and mascot. Whichever unit he's adopted tends to survive against even the greatest of odds, and it's been suggested more than once that should Pochi ever take away his favor from the current ruling Emperor or Empress, than that person is doomed to either step down in shame or be cut down.

Pochi himself exhibits signs of O.C.D. sometimes, living his day to day life almost virtually the same as the day before. He makes his rounds, he trains, he loves up to his favored people on certain days, and unless a war or patrolling he can usually be found in the town and farmlands surrounding the fortress of New Kyoto.

Well known to be a guardian of children and a good luck talisman amongst the police force and fire magistrates as well.

Baron Randal Machiavelli (Umezawa)
Theme Song: All Roads Are Made of Flesh - Kip Hanrahan

Age 62
Ht: 5'5" (he has surprisingly long arms, though one would never see it normally)
Wt: 130 lbs.
B/W/H: Muscularly slender/Trim/Manly
Hand: Favors his left hand
Eyes: One eye is green, one eye is red
Skin: Pale
Hair: Black
Musculature: Lithe, agile as hell and bearing the musculature of a dancer as well as a fencer, yet his shoulders and back bear the markings of a person who has worn armor all their life.

Demeanor: Playful, powerfully charismatic and easy to get along with whether on the battlefield or in the court, only those close to him know how insanely intense he can get. Once he's focused on a goal he works to achieve it with efficiency and speed. For all that some might think he's a fool, the only ones who truly believe that are dead or forced to work for him. He is an amazing power in the court scene, and he never wastes moves or pawns lightly.

Description: Exceedingly handsome, sexy as hell and he knows it. Hell, the Kraze story starts off with him getting into an orgy with the Horde high council in order to "keep the politics between our people smooth and friendly."

His appetites are well known and lauded amongst the court folk, and his drunken carousing has never brought trouble to the city folk. Indeed, he's one of the people who penned the laws concerning noble-common interactions and established immediate imprisonment of any nobility who takes advantage of the common folk after personally witnessing what almost became a public rape (long before Makiko's birth) had he and his entourage not intervened.

To this day he is known for "keep the gold flowing between all peoples of Tokyo Two" as well as his notable, entertaining (and VERY public) duels.

Despite all this he's also one of the most approachable nobles in the entire court, and will easily give a minute or two to any who approach him.

Is part of the "MANLY PACT!" with Kazehiko and Grim and, alongside the other two, will rip his shirt off and flex whenever they meet. Supposedly this has something to do with a promise the two older men (well, man and Necromorph) made with Hiko when he was younger.

Chancellor Fivel Wraith
Theme Song: Butcher Pete - Roy Brown

Age 83
Ht: 4'9"
Wt: roughly 200 lbs.
B/W/H: Old/Old/Old
Hand: Left
Eyes: hidden behind thick glasses, but is a faded denim blue
Skin: despite his age it's been noted that he actually has really nice skin.
Hair: Long and light blue
Musculature: Strangely enough he has rather good musculature for an old scholarly type, mostly due to a daily regimen of exercise he does every morning. He claims that it helps him think better throughout the day.

Demeanor: Genuinely cranky and slightly spiteful of the whole world, Fivel is as geeky as it gets in this world. A history buff, a military nerd (despite his general hatred of soldiery, marching, and "base warrior thoughts"), a gearhead as well as a superior eye of horseflesh he's a walking Monster Manual on top of everything else.

Description: OLLLLLLLLD and, even worse, he secretly likes younger women and will happily chase them around if given a chance. Absolutely hates being in the same room with "manly men" and their "base, crude language" and will do his damnedest to get out of the place lest a drinking challenge or "gee manly poetry" contest begins.

He personally tutored Kazehiko in the finer arts and, though the boy had (and has) no talent for magic, still taught him the fundamentals, theory and history of magic. Both Kazehiko and Makiko are the only two people he ever seems to enjoy being around, and Hiko has often doted on him like the grandfather he never had.

Shuhei Taka
Theme Song: Won't Lie Down - Face to Face

Age 27
Ht: 5'8"
Wt: 160 lbs.
B/W/H: He's so boring I can't even jokingly write anything here.
Hand: Right
Eyes: Brown
Skin: somewhat tanned and leathery from working in the fields while growing up.
Hair: Short and black
Musculature: Despite his insistence on his common background and farmlife upbringing, he's actually pretty well built due to years of marching on the road, going from city to city, town to town, always to convey the voice of the people and the individual city councils to the Empress. Though he doesn't inexactly travel alone he DOES hate the idea of using servants, so he only carries whatever he himself can use, instead spending his coin for basic necessities in the towns he visits and donning his own armor and weaponry.

Demeanor: As lukewarm as a cup of tea left out to cool and just as idealistic, all Taka wants is for every day to be peaceful and work to be plentiful. Seriously, he's the single most boring character in the game even during battle (especially when compared to the rest of the hot-headed Kraze characters), and that suits him and everyone else just fine. He's as straight a shooter as anyone is to find, and is also the most fiercely loyal to Makiko's personal banner. Not only does he carry said banner into battle, but he has shown several times that he has what it takes to keep the troops rallied when the chips are down, a battle cry echoing straight from his soul and utter desire for peace and freedom even amidst the carnage of war.

Because of his ability to keep himself calm, cool and collected even in the fiercest of battles (and his unorthodox weapon, the pitchfork he's used ever since he was a teenager) he's considered one of Makiko's more trustworthy and able generals.

Description: Shuhei is the epitome of the farmer-warrior, fighting simply to get back to his farm and family someday. The youngest of seven brothers and three sisters, he was hand picked by Makiko to be the Voice of the People and he has yet to fail or disappoint her.

Honestly, I think I've said just about anything that needs to be said about this guy. He doesn't fuck around (in EVERY way of the word) and is still something of a virgin, wanting to keep himself pure for the maiden of his dreams someday.

While some may find his use of the pitchfork as a weapon to be something of a scandal, definitely unusual, he swears by it as his only heirloom of his family and his first real farming tool upon reaching his teen years. Since then it has served him well as a weapon of war, and he has sworn to see this war through with it until he can return it home as a tool once more.

Tiramisu Souflee
Theme Song: Dirt Metal - Thunderstone

Age ???
Ht: 3'0"
Wt: 500 lbs.
B/W/H: It's, quite literally, a spherical creature with arms that stretch.
Hand: If they could be caled that...
Eyes: They look like buttons. Red buttons.
Skin: Blue.
Hair: No one can quite tell if it's wearing a hat or if that weird, yellow cone on top of it's head is fucking hair.
Musculature: What muscles, Tira is all rubber.

Demeanor: Despite it's happy, kid-friendly, Pokemon-ish looks Tiramisu is actually a hardcore grump out of the kitchen and an absolute badass in it.

Seriously, even though it smiles a lot, once pushed into combat mode Tira's face turns into a demonic version of its' previously happy demeanor, brows furrowed like a cartoon characters', yo.

Description: Honestly, it's hard to put into words. Once you've actually MET Tira, you'd understand. Especially seeing her...him?...move in the kitchen, his/her arms stretching to unbelievable lengths before sinking back into its' spherical body.

Also, it rarely respects anyone and not even Makiko can have any say once Tira's in her kitchen. There is an unspoken law that once Tira is in her kitchen, Makiko never goes in there and vice-versa for the court.

Of course the one time Makiko DID go into Tira's kitchen she wore full battle armor and weapons, went in without her entourage (or, really, any notification to ANYONE whatsoever) and demanded that the little alien creature join her in this war to save the world.

While the other servants ran screaming for cover, Tira surprised everyone (Makiko included) by calmly accepting her offer before holding out a spoon of stew for her to taste.

Not surprisingly, it was delicious, even for Tiramisu.

Tira's history is shrouded in mystery, one that could be called a flat-out conspiracy by the nobility since none of the higher-ups (pretty much the entirety of Makiko's entourage) will talk about it.

Anyone who's ever asked Tira has been threatened with stabbing, slicing, fileting, skinning and flat-out consumption by him...her...whatever.

Despite how stupid Tira looks, she actually fits in with the rest of the hot-blooded badasses that comprise the Kraze Armada...sadly enough though, she's usually forced to be the one to trade for supplies since people can't help but to find her disturbingly entertaining and charming.

Strangely enough, he only keeps this first impression amongst those he's going to trade with. His rage in the kitchen, though, is somewhat noteworthy as well...which might be the reason why so many towns are willing to stay on his good side.



"Heartless" Hillary Shrike
Theme Song: Guild of Mute Assassins - Clutch
Duel Stage: Gunslingers and Gravemakers - Coheed and Cambria

Age: 25
Ht: 5'3"
Wt: ??? (will damn near ram her crossbow into anyone's throat for that question)
B/W/H: 31/22/30
Hand: Used to be right-handed, but after joining the Kraze Armada became left-handed
Eyes: Gold
Skin: tanned
Hair: Bright red
Musculature: Surprisingly heavy for a girl her size, has that classic "archer's definition" which never faded after she became a crossbow artist.

Demeanor: This quiet killer is as stone-cold as they come. She literally says absolutely nothing save to her higher-ups, and even then prefers to be monosyllabic. Only Makiko knows why she's joined the Kraze Armada after the Battle of Arcanum when she was living the life of a well-paid mercenary at the time, but whatever those reasons are they seem to have hardened her to the point where she literally gives off an aura of lethal intent.

If it wasn't for her constant glare, she'd actually be quite beautiful. As is, lines of hurt and rage mar her face and no one knows what her figure actually looks like since she keeps it under layers of clothing, armor, and the trench coat of the mercenary guild.

Description: A small woman with a humongous aura, it's been noted that she could cow a rampaging troll into submission simply with her trademark glare. Makiko respects her and, apparently, is the only person who knows her full story. It's generally accepted that Shrike is one of those who swore a blood oath of fealty to Makiko since the Empress keeps her close damn near all the time, unless she's running one of her famed assassination missions.

Though not too many talk about it, but Hillary wasn't always known as "Heartless," but rather just by her last name, the same name she called her fabled mercenary group and assassin organization, "Shrike."

Then the infamous Battle of Arcanum occurred, the one that damn near broke the Stalemate before the game's beginning.

For reasons unknown, something changed in her that day and she pledged herself to Kraze, transforming from an outgoing young woman with a passionate zest for life into a quiet, angry yet cold killer. Since then she has disbanded the remnants of her followers (not even telling her closest comrades what was going on) and the Shrike group and has been working solely as Makiko's best assassin.

To what end, you (the player) will have to find out on your own.

Her personalized crossbow is named "The Battle of Arcanum," if that isn't a strong enough indicator of how that battle scarred her.

Individual Units

Soldiers - They wear armor, they swing swords and can even heal each other. Yay for ground troops!

Scholars - Light clothes, usually aren't for melee combat or even magical combat. They're scholars and they look like it.

Hedge Wizards - Ground troops magical combat, they wear lots of light clothing, robes, even light armors and use mainly blunt weapons for the magical enhancements.

Djinn - They have their own form of armors, a combination of light black chitinous armor and dark purple and red cloth. Very Arabic turbans, glowing red eyes, the works y'know? They wear normal looking boots of that same organic, chitinous look. No, they do not have shoes with those weird pointy inward-curling toes.

Dragons - Traditional western-style dragons, usually green and scaly with yellow underbellies and red, glowing eyes.

Dragonriders - Soldiers who ride on dragons. Dragons with harnesses. The traditional weapons are spears, lances, javelins and shields but some severe badasses use smaller weapons like swords and axes. Not because the dragon will obviously kill whatever gets to close, but because they themselves are more dangerous than the dragon.

Engineers - They look like engineers. They usually wear rough clothing and devote themselves to their works.

Drachenlings - humanoid dragons that stand on two legs and can wrap their wings about themselves like a cloak (y'know, like Gargoyles). Drachenlings appear with their own brand of plate armor, and each one usually has their own individual preference when it comes to weaponry. Big, and they look big (even teh wimmenz, though they're normally female-formed). Bi as fuck since reincarnation doesn't give a damn about gender, so they have that unusual outlook on life.

Specialists - They look like anyone else (mostly soldiers, hedge wizards and engies) save that they have a "UR #1" sash of differing colors depending on where they started from:

Melee - Red
Magic - Purple

Xbowmen - keeping to their mercenary roots, the Crossbowmen look like soldiers save that they also wear trench coats. The history behind the Crossbowmen is a relatively new thing, a weapon that Shrike brought with her when she chose a side.

Engel - With a pair of unconnected wings on their back, off of their shoulders, and from the ankles of their feet the Engel are angelic creatures that wear short-skirted tunics of ethereal material, have a glowing halo of laurels about their blonde hair, and have glowing golden eyes. Usually lithe of limb and slender, otherwise they resemble nothing less than giant humans. Strangely enough, they're the ones with the shark-like teeth - the smile of an Engel can freeze the blood.

Daemon - Much like the Engel save that their halo is broken and floats behind them constantly (as well as a humongous, serpentine, unconnected tail), they wear less clothing and their colors are pretty much red and black. Oh, and both genders wear them thigh-high fuck me boots. Can't forget that little bit...they also share in the glowing golden eyes. Unlike the Engel, they have normal, human-looking teeth and deign to shrink themselves to the size of a normal human when making a contract.

Loremasters - The only unit that can use the Librum (books) and the special staves that have a book at the end. Highly specialized that only wear light blue and white robes, symbolizing their obsession towards knowledge and learning.

Geomancers - Filthy, dirty, grubby hippie wizards. Seriously. They wear mostly brown and green clothing, grow beards, and aren't inexactly the most hygienic of all mages.

War Wizards - War Wizards are the exemplary of magical artists, and it shows. Able to utilize heavy armor without penalties and the ability to enchant, most War Wizards take full advantage of this by wearing the heaviest plate armor they can afford/be able to, but the truly high-class War Wizards will wear circlets, torques, and expensive capes alongside plate armor of the purest silver.

Battlemages - Battlemages. The ultimate Kraze unit, able to single-handedly rip apart whole battalions using weapons, advanced magics, and able to take full advantage of Heavy Armor (no penalties) while wading through hordes of horrors.

They are the only ones who are able to wear certain heavy armors and they take advantage of that: black plate armor, black cloaks with red and gold trim, and the horned, onyx helm of their station.

There is only one person strong enough to become a Battlemage but the Magic College is certain they can help train new ones, given enough time. All Battlemages are granted nobility status, and as tradition demands are adopted by a noble family as a "cousin."

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Battleworld: Meet The Kraze Armada

Y'know, for the record I've already got all four kingdom's character and unit descriptions done. Now I'm just slogging through individual starting values for each one.


So naturally instead today I just started writing the Kraze Armada story instead. With that in mind, I'm postin' the Kraze Armada unit and character descriptions here.

G'wan and lemme know what you think in the comment section, eh?

Battleworld - Kraze Armada (list of characters and individual unit description)

Capital City: New Kyoto

Scholars and loremasters, Battlemages and War Wizards, the Armada hail from the sunny, beautiful lands of the West. Descendants of the blood of Neo-Tokyo's imperial bloodline, they hold fast to those traditions and the ideals of Harkonnen Kraze, the Planeswalker from that world. As such they utilize all captured equipment and are keen battle strategists, their analytical abilities on par with even the Legion of Demnos.

Able to utilize magic, psionics and weaponry they also have the ability to learn how science, energy and martial skills work together and incorporate them into their own battalions.


Empress Makiko Kraze (Umezawa)

41 years old, as deadly as she is beautiful, Makiko is a direct descendant of Harkonnen Kraze herself and is a first-class Battlemage with excellent psionic and spiritual defenses. As a frontline skirmisher Makiko is an unparalleled swordmaster, second only to The Beast and her own son.

A powerful will is what allows her to be able to directly act in battle, keep her people rallied together and keep both her own court and the Council of Elders that rule the Magic College kowtowed and satisfied. It was also this will that bound together these scheming factions behind the imperial throne once again, earning their respect through outright combat prowess and intellectual might.

Up until the ascendancy of the new Empress, infighting and political scheming has kept Tokyo Two from expanding beyond their borders. Also the machinations of the Magic College (a relatively new power that arose from the ashes of a previous attempt, the Coalition of Magic) has kept the Imperials from completely controlling Tokyo Two, and for an added bonus comes the representative of the non-imperial people of Tokyo Two, always aware of their precarious, powerless position and ready to aid anyone in exchange for more freedoms.

Then came Makiko Umezawa (and her entourage): soldier of fortune, first valedictorian of the College, and the Heroine of Death Valley (one of the most noteworthy of battles thus far amongst all four established powers). Ascending the Imperial Throne by right of blood and honorable deeds, she swiftly and successfully united Tokyo Two (while also pacifying the attempts of the College to turn her into a puppet politician) and renamed it "The Armada of Kraze," changing her name as well to the legendary Kraze name.

Like the leaders of the other three powers, Makiko received the summons to the Heart of the World where the will of Nepthis was heard: only one may rise and gain his power, essentially a free ticket into the Extreme Existence, to replace him as a new Overpowered. Only to the one capable of unifying the world shall go this power, otherwise he will destroy this world and the entire quadrant in his desire for freedom.

Makiko, sensing more behind this, seeks any means necessary to safeguard this world for her son and future generations of her people..no matter the obstacle.

Stands at 6'0", busty and voluptuous even as she approaches middle age. Has surprisingly green eyes, black hair that used to be long until she cut it for her first skirmish. Is extremely athletic and swift, but has shown surprising bouts of strength from time to time beyond the human norm (including lifting and hefting a gigantic proton cannon to use against the Legion of Demnos when she had to buy time for reinforcements).

Outside of her razor sharp intellect and damn near predatory instincts, what most ambassadors and enemies alike remember the most of her are her noteworthy, full lips.

Even on the battlefield her lips are bathed in red, though then it's only from the blood of her first kill, a tradition she carries on today.

Emperor Kazehiko Kraze (Umezawa)

Age 21
Conceived on a battlefield and born in the mourning hall of a Horde Necropolis, "Hiko" is a powerful soldier and strategist ("Just like momma!") but it should be noted that though he has resistances to magic and spiritual energies, he has absolutely NO aptitude for magic. Second-in-command (and is considered "Emperor," though his official title is one step lower than his mother, naturally) and rules the Armada alongside his mother, whom he completely dotes on.

There are many scandalous rumors that suggest his father might be either Makiko's cousin third-removed, Baron Randal Umezawa, who helped raise the boy at his chateau but, for the most part, those rumors are usually kept quiet or simply not around the capital due to fear of Makiko's wrath.

Despite his scandalous birth, both the people of the land and the imperials have fallen in love with Hiko's good nature as well as his solid soldiery and leadership, viewing him as a worthy successor to Makiko's legacy after her demise in the, hopefully, far-flung future.

King Angrem Grim

Age 113
A King in his own lands whose sovereignty is recognized by both the Armada and the Horde, he is nevertheless a psychotic undead luchadore who is completely loyal to Makiko Kraze. A powerful, tanklike Necromorph warrior with high movement.

He is NOT Armor Grim.

Armor Grim

Age ???
A masked luchadore superhero who is never in the same place as Angrem Grim. He is, in fact, not Angrem Grim, King of the Grimlands, but is the masked hero Armor Grim. A powerful, tanklike Necromorph with high movement who can fly (backwards).


Age ???
No one questions Pochi's presence, who has been around since the people of Tokyo Two first settled on Battleworld. On the other hand, any who DO question Pochi's age finds themselves getting distracted from such a quest.

In battle mode Pochi has excellent defensive capabilities and fairly good mobility, while in stealth mode he cannot attack but has godlike range of mobility. He can combine attacks with any Kraze unit, and can even act as a mount for said Kraze unit!

Baron Randal Machiavelli (Umezawa)

Age 62
Despite his age Randal (named Machiavelli for his skillful political maneuverings) retains the boyish good looks and vigor of his youth. It was due to his machinations that Makiko was subtly and gently guided out of the military and onto the throne, while also ensuring that she was kept VERY well aware of the College's attempts to keep her under their sway. In the beginning he, as well as many others, viewed her as a useful pawn but shortly swore an oath of fealty to her after she confronted him about it. In her own direct fashion, she thoroughly drew him into making her dream a reality: to unify the entirety of Tokyo Two and to bring honor to the name of Harkonnen Kraze and the three main families of the imperial bloodline.

It is a dream that, to this day, Randal is willing to fight, to die, and to kill for.

Third in command, his rich silk robes conceal a body hardened and skilled through years of dueling. A worthy swordsman, noted enchanter and War Wizard. It has been suggested that he's the reason for both the rise and downfall of the Coalition of Magic, though these suggestions are usually met with a sly smile, a chuckle and a change of subjects.

Chancellor Fivel Wraith

Age 83
Fivel is the head representative from the council of Elders (the Magic College). A scholar and loremaster of noteworthy skill. Unlike her other companions, he was the most vocal against Makiko's valedictorian standing (preferring his own chosen student) and, later, her rise to imperial power.

Because of his gruff standing and concern with honesty, Makiko trusts him explicitly - Fivel has proven himself time and time again to be able to give his honest opinion, as well as to admit when he's been proven wrong.

A dirty old man who hates with a blind passion.

Shuhei Taka

Age 27
A farmer-soldier who acts as the chosen rep of the People of Tokyo Two, he is the chosen guy who actually relays what the people's votes are to the imperials who run this joint. Unlike others in the past who have become corrupted puppets of the Court and other factions, Taka is incredibly stolid, boring and as straight-laced as it comes, making him the perfect relay guy. Makiko values his earnestness and straightforwardness and, as such, has actually had people assassinated for attempting to sway the decisions he carries.

As a farmer, Shuhei is awesome. As a soldier, he relies more on luck and his trusty pitchfork than he does any kind of extreme prowess - despite that, he's survived battles that have felled stronger, more noteworthy men.

Tiramisu Souflee

Age ???
A strange creature that may or may not be an alien. An excellent chef who is a capture artist with the unprecedented ability to spot "cloaked" or "stealthed" creatures.

Though it is suggested Souflee used to be a member of the Legion, Demnos himself has stated before that he hasn't a fucking clue where this creature has come from nor what it is.

Sadly enough, neither does Tiramisu.

"Heartless" Hillary Shrike

Age 25
Younger sister of Devon Shrike, a mercenary and bounty hunter. Hillary was betrayed by her brother and left for dead during a pivotal battle - all she hungers for now isn't even an explanation, just straight-up vengeance. A psionic, soldier and crossbowwoman the only reason her brother was able to blindside her is because she never thought to check his thoughts.

Individual Units

Soldiers - standard infantry unit. Can use medical to heal other soldier-type units. Can equip most kind of gear. Can capture units. Can combine or hex with anyone.
Advances -> specialists, dragonriders, war wizards, xbowmen

Scholars - analysis, resource augment, spell augment, research augment, interrogators. Can combine/hex with magical types. Weak offense/defense.
Advances -> Loremaster, engineers, specialists

Hedge Wizards - magic type, conjuring/summoning, enchanting. Can combine/hex with magical types or summons. Very diverse and customizable depending on how you build their individual spell lists.
Advances -> Battlemages, war wizards, geomancers, scholars

Djinn - hardy unit that combines melee with spellcasting and a nasty anti-air capability. No real defense, but high attack options and high range of mobility. Summoned via contract only (you cannot summon anything else with the contracted unit, and should the contracted unit die then the Djinn is banished). Amazing medics whose skill is greater than healing spells, and they're necessary to unlock Drachenlings.

Dragons - flying juggernauts with disgustingly high stats. Awesome mobility and can transport.
Advances -> Dragonriders

Dragonriders - doubles the attack rate and stats of any single dragon or soldier, twice the mobility range and can even use spells. Can capture as well as transport. Flying.

Engineers - research augment, create or destroy all kinds of constructs, can analyze to learn new constructs, explosives, sappers, fortify bases - can improve gear with permanent stat bonuses (once per unit). Crap offense, fair defense and mobility. Can reverse-engineer SCIENCE.

Drachenlings - human/dragon hybrids created by magic and interdimensional knowledge. Drachenlings have incredible stats and resistances, never suffer from interdimensional sickness and automatically interrogate units they capture. Can never be stunned, turned, banished or brainwashed.

Specialists - customized unit, you can choose a skill or ability and immediately gain bonuses for it. Can further advance into any jorb (so long as they meet the requirements).

Xbowmen - crossbowmen, great long range and excellent mobility. Low hp, defense and are the only ones who can use crossbows (any soldier type can use bows, but they aren't anywhere as effective as Xbowmen). Anti-air, anti-construct, and their hex attack can be incredibly strong.

Engel/Daemon - high level summons, Engel specialize in healing and defensive spells while Daemons focus on offensive attacks and spells. Both are excellent at melee and can fly. While summoned both provide stat bonuses to nearby units.

Loremasters - solid offensive and defensive capabilities, middling mobility. Can cause AoE healing, defense or offense around themselves. Can analyze, research, train, capture, interrogate and can further specialize in flying or mining. Optimizes attacks to target enemy weaknesses upon analysis.

Geomancers - martial artists, elemental AoE spells, summons and REALLY crappy defenses (unless you have conjured buffs up). Heavily resistant against SCIENCE. Can also transport.

War Wizards - uses spells to enchant weapons and armor. Only magic class outside of Battlemages who can use heavy armor with no negatives to movement. Middling mobility. Transport. Can interrogate captured units in order to enchant other's gear at higher levels.

Battlemages - can use any armor, any weapon and can cast more spells (and types of spells) than any other class. Can enchant, conjure, banish, summon, and learn SCIENCE as well as martial arts and weaponskills. Not as good an enchanter as War Wizards and cannot cast Geomancer spells. Has a somewhat fairly high range of mobility despite the heavy armor (they suffer no penalties) and gains bonuses to spellcasting, offense and defense.

Battleworld: Current locations of the four factions

Here's what I got thus far. Eventually I'll either draw out a map or figure out how to work a program for it, I KNOW I got one layin' around on one of my cd's...but I'll pro'lly just get lazy and find a map maker on download.com or some shit.

Anyway, here's how I start fleshing out a world whether it be a book, a short story, a roleplay setting, or a game idea of mine.

Tokyo Two (The Armada of Kraze)

Capital City: New Kyoto

Magic College
Dragon Peak

Towns -

Five Guesses
Lincoln's Hat
Dragon's Watch

UnderRealm (The Horde)

Necropolis (cities) -

Capital Necropolis: Death Valley
Old Lace
Wisdom's End

Towns -

Black Forest
Unknown Tombs

Hivelands (Legion of Demnos)

Capital City: Terminus
Scolarus Collegium


Zed 1
Zed 2
Zed 3
Zed 4
Zed 5
Zed 6
Zed 7
Zed 8
Zed 9
Zed 10

The Krieg Army/ The Wastelands (technically the lands to the East, the Wastelands, were dominated by the Goblins - these have since been taken over by the Krieg Army while the Goblins inhabit the Underdark, a series of tunnels and underground Holds they've built over the years underneath the Wasteland)

Rather than cities and towns, the Wastelands are extremes placed against one another. Most people, especially the nomadic traders, map it out via known zones and locations rather than civilized locations.

Drachenthirst - a huge desert that separates most of the Wasteland from the rest of the world.

The Long Road - a humongous wall that used to protect a massive city, now the wall is all that's left as the city itself has been swallowed by the desert.

Deepknell - one of the only two known lakes within the Drachenthirst, the Deepknell is not only a vast lake but also has a method to gain access to the Underdark and the Heart of the World. Larger than Oasis, the Deepknell is considered neutral territory.

Oasis - the other well-known lake and stomping grounds for the nomadic traders. The Nomad's Guild has completely control of Oasis and, as such, have grown rich from trade. They maintain a standing army and their allegiance is usually bought at the highest bidder.

Winding Garuda - one of the ancient cities that mark where the Drachenthirst ends and the rest of the Wasteland begins, a wild and bizarre conflux of varying weather patterns. Winding Garuda is also one of the last surviving surface dwellings of the Goblin Faction, and is an incredibly fortified city at that. With the Goblin Faction mostly underground, the Nomad Guild is stationed here.

Isthmus of Nepthis - the last location where Nepthis once ruled in the overworld, now the location to his underground tomb and sanctum.

The Throat - a massive black spot in the heart of the desert. No one knows what it's for, save for Nepthis and possibly Demnos.

The Spine - another wall that is even taller than The Long Road, and completely blocks off the coastline of the eastern beaches of the Wasteland from the vast ocean. Only Nepthis and Demnos knows why it's there anymore, even the Goblins having forgotten why they had to build it.

Dragon's Might - an incredibly tall spire (with a sprawling Gob city at it's base) where a wizard once reigned supreme. Is rumored to have many artifacts and tomes still locked within it's stores, and there is a sprawling labyrinth underneath it. For some reason neither the Gobs nor the Krieg Army have bothered with it, really.

It's been suggested that the denizens of Dragon's Might (a mixture of the three original factions) are completely isolated from the rest of the world by a mighty dome, and they owe allegiance to no one faction.

Venerated Heights - a massive mountain range that cuts off the Northern lands from the Wasteland. It's rumored that the peaks can pierce the stratosphere, and none (not even the technological, biological and arcane wizardry of the Legion) have ever survived the attempt to cross them. There are tons of caves at the base, some of which lead into the Underdark and others that are rumored to go even deeper.

The Rundown

Yeaaaah, you ever had one of those days where shit's gettin' done, you can feel all that coffee and testosterone pulsin' through ya, and everything's pretty cool but you're sill burning red-hot?


A spoken word thingy that I haven't said aloud, here ya go.

The Rundown

The engine's full blast
'Bout to explode
My heart's pumping
Full of nitro

Wreck my system
Cannot control

Pedal to the floor
Whisper dirty things
In my ear
But keep it clear

The message is broken
The battle to be had
The story is gone
And all that's left is

Kinda tipsy
Kinda drunk
Kinda reckless
Mostly from

The mirror's edge
Shows me what's inside
The competition's ready
to fuck and ride

Clearly I see
What all might be
In this half second
Between life and death

The fuel is insane
Highly octane
But too obvious
It might be too much

Battle with myself
Battle everything
Constantly combative
Wrecking all that is me

Static pulse
Gives forgotten grails
I be discontent
I shall disconnect

My fragile system
Given birth to my mind
Look deep within
Get ready to find

What I am and
what I can be
Divisible only
The universe in me organically

Get respect but lose yer check
Break your spine and lose
yer whole
goddamned neck

The casualty rate from
this constant war
Ever since the year I was born -

That's just what they want you to believe
That's just what they want you to believe
It wasn't always like this, constant misery
That's just what they want you to believe

So, break it down
Rock and roll, lose your mind
Consistanly bleeding
From your soul

To your heart
Through your breath
From your blood
Open up and try to check

Wreck and death cannot sustain
The fear is not supposedly
A consisent rule

Nor part of the game
When all the gain
Comes from the horror
The loss of freedoms
And the slaughter

This world isn't a grinder
It's a battlefield
So will you speed it up
Or will you yield?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Suggested Consumables List - preview

(note: 50% chance of The Sly 1 or 2)

Treasure Chest/Mimic (occupy on map)
Keys to towns, cities, caves, etc)
Health Potion (hp)
Elder Potion (ep)
The Ace (regen/refresh) - ginger ale/ginger ice cream
The Sly 1 (kills unit) - tobasco, tomato juice, hemlock and arsenic
The Sly 2 (unit can act twice in one round) - tobasco, tomato juice, celery
The Big Red (atk x2) - tomato juice, fruit juice, creatine
The Bastard (Rage Gene doesn't suffer toll round for one toll round) - triple doppio espresso, double mocha, chocolate whipped cream
The Mikki (hp x2 for one round, counts as temporary hp) - extra sweet calpis juice
The GM (permanently raises one stat) - lime, coconut, seltzer
The GSG (cha x10 for one round) - black pepper vanilla ice cream, root beer
The Chao (the price of the next item you can purchase will be reduced by half) - a used condom, a head full of cotton, a night of regrets and shit on your chest.
The Lay (ep x4 for one round, counts as temporary ep) - caramel machiatto with extra caramel
The Dabu (psionic costs are halved) -
The Matsu (experience gain is halved for remainder of map, but you get triple exp from bosses) - coconut, liquified steak, too much allspice
The Alita (doubles long range for one turn) -
The Chaucho (doubles magic damage for one turn) -
The Northboy (random effect) -
The Afro Kamen (gain BURNING GUTS! ability) - creatine, whey powder, EXPLOSIVE FORCE, Krieg Blood
The Oni Kitsune (target unit switches sides, will only switch back if your army is twice the size of the opponents')
The Dug (target is confused) -

Coffee -

black (max hp/ep, refresh, regen)
americano (ep)
latte (hp)
mocha (hp/ep)
salted caramel (refresh)
espresso (regen)

Extreme Existence: Battleworld (a proposal, in a nutshell)

Extreme Existence: Battleworld

Welcome to the Multiverse. Countless, untold numbers of realities, each one fragmented off of one another for an eternity.

There's always a world for someone, a paradise for one, a hellish landscape for another.

Within these billions of universes, countless googol of worlds, there lays one in particular where four unique groups shall clash, each one with their own agendas to further, their own goals to meet.

And those goals can only be obtained through the obliteration of conquering of this world.

This is a world that is full of fighting.

This is a world of absolute battle.

This is Battleworld.

To the west lay the descendants of an Overpowered, the Imperial bloodline of another world. With them comes magic and steel, their society only recently having come together under the incredibly powerful, charismatic and ruthless Empress Makiko Kraze. Alongside her son, her most trusted adviser (a high-ranking chancellor within a once-fractured court) and others who have sworn themselves to her service she has risen where others have fallen prey, becoming puppet leaders or pawns in a deadly game of political intrigue and outright assassination. To Makiko comes the singular goal of keeping her country unified, and this world safeguarded from the terrors that are attempting to overtake it. The Kraze Armada must rise in power if they are to defeat their greatest foes to date!

To the south are the sexy undead, feeding on the emotions and bodily fluids of others. Amongst the eldest of the four kingdoms and native to this planet, the Horde list amongst their numbers beautiful nightmares, seductive shadows and restless apparitions. Lacking in size compared to the other kingdoms, the Horde fight back with powerful dark magic, necromancy and the unparalleled Necromorph ability - the latest in necromantic technology. With charm and wit, with sword and shield, with magic and terror the Horde must ensure that the world not fall into the void, even if theirs must be the only darkness that lovingly blankets this land.

To the north are the Legion of Demons, cold and logical, wielding powerful steampunk robotics and psionic defenses. Beyond their gun knights and tech priests lay ever greater power, the protomystics who contract with evil otherworldly invaders and their own greatest strength: the Hivemind. For all voluntarily accept the brainwashing and become a fully functioning member of the Legion whether they want to or not. To Demnos and his Legion this world is ripe for their vision of Paradise, and no matter how many they must brainwash they shall carry out their fanatical enterprise whether the denizens wish for it or not. After all, in the end all will fall to the Legion, and all will voluntarily accept the Hivemind.

Finally to the east lay the greatest of foes. Where once a flourishing underworld kingdom lay, now the Goblin Forces have been defeated and enslaved. Where once a proud nation once stood in the struggle for Battleworld now comes the true force of brutal power: the Krieg Army. Offworlders and the newest challenge yet to date, they bear cruel and powerful methods of crushing their foes, lacking even the ability to take over towns but merely settling for burning them down to the ground. Behind them lay the ashes and picked bones of their foes, before them a banquet of neverending battle and violence. They are not without their philosophy, nor are they as loutish as they may seem but you will have to seek far beyond their brutal methods to find as such. All are enemies to the Krieg Army, here for their own twisted agenda. All who oppose that agenda MUST be destroyed! The Rage Gene will stand where all others shall fall!

And deep within the heart of the world lays the instigator for this violence, the efficient and logical Overpowered known as "Nepthis the Everdust." The Overpowered who was supposed to watch over this quadrant.

The Overpowered who is now the key to the ultimate fate of this world, bearer of its' secrets and old beyond measure.

An Overpowered who wishes to die.

Welcome to Battleworld! Pick a side and fight, unraveling four separate storylines and their interweaving fates. Make your choices, apply strategy or wicked, brutal force. Do what you can and what you must to sway the people to your side. Employ spies and saboteurs but be ever vigilant for turncoats and double agents within your own ranks.

Gear up and improve! Fortify towns against waves of enemies. Find fabulous treasure, recipes to concoct your own consumables, and unlock various spells of might and power.

Strengthen and customize individual units.

Prepare yourself for an adventure!

Prepare yourself for Battleworld!


Battleworld is a hex-based war game where you can move units about on a map, employing various means of weaponskills, abilities, martial arts, psionics and magic spells in order to defeat your foes. There are many ways to succeed on each map and strengthen your army, including:

-Forcing your opponent to surrender or agree to an alliance or peace treaty.
-Swaying towns to your side, crafting and selling goods as well as buying them, making it harder for the enemy to resupply.
-Surround a single target to utilize the Hex Attack or discover unique Dual Attacks to deal more damage.
-Use terrain effects that improve or decrease your attack and defensive capabilities.
-Overpower and brutally crush your opponents with a spamwave of units!
-Summon powerful monstrosities, contract with parallel dimensional beings and let them loose.
-Set traps, ambushes, spies and sabotage future maps you're about to head to, giving YOU the edge!
-Advance and evolve your units with gathered resources, unlocking stronger and stronger jobs. Eventually, you might even reach the level of Overpowered yourself!
-Use magic spells, psionic attacks, job-based weaponskills, martial art super attacks, and job-based abilities to take down your foes!
- Faction-exclusive abilities such as the Rage Gene and Grab of the Krieg Army, the Necromorph ability of the seductive Horde, the brainwashing of sadistic Demnos himself, and the psychotically powerful Battlemages and enchantments of the Kraze Armada.

Uncover a robust storyline for each faction and extras featuring a hidden bonus map, hidden characters, battles in other dimensions as well as this one, the chance to unlock a FIFTH faction's storyline and unlock Lore and Legacy information concerning the Extreme Existence backstory.

Two-For-One Poem Shot!

I actually wrote these months back. Also Waking Up Before The Alarm, another poem I wrote back then...but it still kinda stings, the whole break-up thing, and I DID write that one for her.

Sooooo let's just chill on THAT one for awhile, eh?

Battleworld write-up (without spoilers) comin' soon.

It Was A Glorious Evening

A potters' wheel
her shadow splayed out on the grass
dirty honey gold a fan
her breasts, pillows
enticing and joyful
for the delight of her
a fond memory
in these days of grey

Drawn Depths

In misery and viscera
I have decided my own fate
and have wrought cold vengeance
with these hands of mine

Of memory and viscera
These tools, my hands
as blunt an instrument
as Pygmalion's

To dream in viscera
And in that rose red house
we shall grow closer in shade
and forget this rotting world

Saturday, January 21, 2012

This Poem Is Shaped Like A Boot

Sometimes, I write a poem and it flows out in a certain way where the SHAPE of the poem is more important to me than the content. Stupid and slightly autismal, I know, but still...I don't write poems to make sense (most of the time), I write 'em the same way I dream. If that makes sense to you, then that makes one of us.

This Poem Is Shaped Like A Boot

I am not a number
I am not a statistic
my value lays not in intent
but honor, word and deed
my explosives are paper
my blades these pens
and with these words
they shall know
I need not be a unique snowflake
but the droplet that breaks the dam
the last straw of a broken camel's back

Thursday, January 19, 2012

God I Hate The News Channels

I find that I write a lot of anti-whatever poetry and song lyrics. Reckon it's how I'm able to cope with the modern-day yokes that surround us, not to mention having crashed against the glass ceiling that is constantly raising out of, well hell...all of our reaches.

Most of my poetry is either lyrics without a bridge or chorus, or merely rambling along in various patterns. Nothing inexactly traditional, but they do alright by me anyway.

God I Hate The News Channels

No one is truly human
you are subject to whim
you are enslaved by fancies
not the product of your own
nor of you or yours
of a reality not devised
but on that is, was
and will be after you.
Is the individual then
divisible by their truth?
I sincerely hope so
for your sake and mine.