Thursday, February 16, 2012

Battleworld: Meet The Horde

Capital City: Death Valley Necropolis

Demons and ghouls, decadent darkness and seductive shadows. The civilized monsters of the Horde have existed on Battleworld longer than any other faction.

The dark denizens of the Horde have cultivated a new kind of undead genetic technology known as Necromorph, utilizing necromantic energies in a way that has never been seen before in order to create a superior form of the undead. Those who fail the process still become superior forms of zombie simply due to the process. Necromorph transmogrification occurs upon death.

The leaders of the Horde have always been of succubi blood, and the current "King of Darkness" is no exception, considered a genius since he can access his Necromorph powers without having to die first.

Low mobility and defenses (generally speaking), but able to grow stronger as their enemies die the Horde is a literal force of spiritual and necromantic destruction!


King Aliester Bertrand

Age 45
A powerful necromorph, necromancer, scientist and swordsman. A genius whose intelligence is shadowed only by his playboy lifestyle, he's a salaciously perverted hedonist who likes a party as much as he likes a good battle. Not one to shirk his duties, he has done more for necromantic sciences than any other previous ruler, which helps his people forgive his infatuation with Makiko Kraze, a scandal that has very nearly unseated his ass before.

King Al has greater mobility than any other Horde unit (except Corpse Courier), but shares their low defense.

It was King Al who discovered the Necromorph ability, and it was under the advice of his aunt (The Beauty) that he provided the option nearly free of charge to his peoples. Not everyone can afford the procedure, but there are many ways to earn the money through public options and jobs, and according to the last census around 60% of the people of the Horde has become Necromorphs.

Having proven himself to the people and his incredibly influential aunt, many misconstrue his freewheeling, partying flippancy as political savvy and a deceptive streak a mile wide. What they don't know can't hurt 'em...

Al lives by a code that may seem apparent at first, but his philosophy about life and death are worlds deep. He wears his honor on his sleeve, and can be fiercely loyal even towards enemies who have earned his trust. It is said that his well-sculpted lips have silenced and held more secrets than any one person in Battleworld.

For what it's worth, those lips are better at other things than spilling secrets anyway...

Dog Breath

Age 2/14
Created by Death Valley's latest necromantic sciences, Dog Breath is a necromorph zombie werewolf martial artist. Cat Butt's twin brother. Created by King Al himself, and one of his closest bodyguards.

A male model who specializes in standing still for hours on end, he's one of The Beauty's favorite subjects for painting and sculpting, and many others have taken to recreating his form as well.

Cat Butt

Age 2/14
Similar to Dog Breath, only a necromorph zombie catgirl succubus.

Flexible and lives for acrobatics, Cat Butt hates to be in any one place for more than a few moments and is one of King Al's favorite, subjects.

The Beauty

Age ???
King Al's "aunt" and the most powerful known succubus, she also has the traits of a necromancer, necromorph, and a witch. She's also one of the oldest known creatures on the face of the planet, with power and influence greater than even King Al himself. She led the charge against the original Incubi who ruled the planet (alongside Al's ancestor) and has since then skillfully maneuvered herself and the Bertrand lineage into greatness.

It wasn't until Al that she felt any true connection to them though, playing politics and people as if it were a game, every now and then enjoying the cat and mouse whenever a new challenger would show up. It was Al, though, who physically reminded her of her own lover centuries ago (the first King of the Bertrand line), sharing in his love of jokes and hedonistic pastimes.

It was because of Al's genius, though, and his drive to once again bring peace to the land that caused her to swear herself to him...

Ultimately though, the fate of Battleworld may yet lay once again upon the whims of her heart...a whim that may or may not be more solid and stable than any love she has ever known.

It's rumored that she personally saw to King Al's sexual and sensual training, and is one of the three people (alongside King Al and the Goblin King) who founded the necromorph technology.

Corpse Courier

Age 20
King Al's personal ride, Corpse Courier is a sentient vehicle composed of corpse parts. Highly customizable and counts as a necromorph and a soldier unit. Single highest range of mobility amongst the Horde, he can be mounted by King Al to increase his effective range. She can also dual attack with Al as well as The Beauty.

No one knows her relationship with King Al, a story that actually might simpler than it seems.


Age 1
A necromorph, mutant, alien zombie who counts as a construct (golem) with a capacity for martial arts. Handjob has the most attacks in a single round, can wield more weapons than anyone due to having 10 arms and hands replacing her normal limbs (that includes two extra long arms out of her back, giving her the ability to attack creatures in the air), and can move as if flying. Handjob is the result of Al's experiments with alien DNA and necromorphic science. As such, Handjob has no faculty for speech but is otherwise a lovely young human (zombie) woman.

Al created her because he wanted to experience the perfect handjob. She took it upon herself to become a weapon of war.

Even though she cannot speak, she can still hum and can even croon, and does so many a night to the delight of stray denizens. She's also a virtuoso on any stringed instrument, and is often called upon to play for the court's entertainment.

"Mama Loa"

Age 25
Al's main squeeze and the daughter of King Angrem Grim. A necromancer witch who has unparalleled zombification ability. Beautiful, powerful and slightly possessive yet nevertheless is a Horde woman, believing staunchly in polygamy. As such she leads The Harem, the elite bodyguard unit that both safeguards and satisfies the King of Darkness.

Took up the title of Queen (Mama Loa) and forsook her own name in order to prove her loyalty to King Al alone, she's a fiery Grim woman with the same passion to bring peace to the land and to keep the Incubi from ever recovering. Currently a human being still, she throws herself into battle with wild abandon, hoping to one day achieve the same kind of exalted dead status that her family is known for and to make her father and herself proud.

King Al loves her as much as he loves anyone, but it's been noted before that his heart-of-hearts lays elsewhere. Being trained as a concubine, Loa shares the Horde mentality of sexual freedoms and excessive hedonism. It's also helped in her role as an ambassador, maintaining close ties with the other kingdoms (except for the Krieg, naturally, but still staying close to the Nomads, Mercenaries, and Goblinate Forces whenever they're allowed to communicate with the outside world).

The Harem

Age Varies
Only the most beautiful zombies, necromancer humans, and succubi can join King Al's most elite battle unit. Mama Loa leads this group and chooses who can get in.

As a battle unit, this unit is able to incorporate other units into itself, giving it an innate bonus up to a certain amount.

The Harem has, as of late, been called less and less to Al's bedroom, and grumblings of a surprise rape party have begun.

Mother and Unborns

Age ???
A female exalted zombie necromorph who can take captured units and resources and continuously spawn infantry and baby bombers. No mobility whatsoever, but high as hell offense and defense upon deployment.

Her relationship to Al is unknown outside of her status as a volunteer to the Necromorph program, but it's been rumored that she has close ties to the royal Bertrand bloodline and may even be related to the Beauty herself.

Though she lacks the ability to actively communicate, certain psionic experts have suggested that she is very aware of her surroundings and despite outward appearances is very sentient, prescient, and has apparently taken on the self-image of being an aggressive guardian of the Horde people and the Bertrand royalty.

Is considered a celebrity amongst the Horde people, and many will stop by and aid in her daily administrations, ensuring that the Mother is kept as comfortable and happy as she could be given her situation.

Individual Units

Zombie Golems - construct, 2nd largets unit in game, high stats, regeneration.

Necromorph - incredibly strong unit: upon hitting 0 hp, the unit's hp and ep are refilled to new totals, have access to new skills/abilities/stats, and usually recieve upgrades to all stats. Lasts until end of map, resets in next map (note: King Al can access this form without having to die, but loses the "Rezz" ability).

Infantry - crap stats, horrible abilities but high movement and cheap as shit to spawn. Doom babbies.
Adv -> Baby Boomers

Succubi - charm, high mobility, flying, absorb, fast attacks, regen, refresh, low defense and offense. Can cast spells and absorb spells. Capture and interrogate artists.
Adv -> Soulsuckers

Witch - spellcasters, analysis, research and training augment, capture, interrogate, weak offense but impressive range and defense.
Adv -> Succubi, Necromancers, Ghoul Girls, Vampires, Zombies

Ghoul Girls - long range, heavy defenses, great offense. Can mine for resources and they can move faster underground. Charm, capture, regeneration.

Vampire - spellcasters, flying, phase shift, regen, charm. Can attack the spirit directly, ignoring armor and item defenses. Horrible offense and defense. Training augment. Dark shift. Can learn martial arts.

Wormlings - transport, mine, meh offense and defenses.
Adv -> Wormlord

Wormlord - AoE spellcasters, psychotic offense, can attack while underground, augment resources. Horrible defense and hp.

Mutations - during Necromorph Transmogrification, there's a chance the unit will fail and mutate instead, gaining permanent bonuses, skills or abilities.

Doctors - Medics who can improve biologicals and undead with permanent bonuses. Can improve zombies. Highest natural Medical ability. Horrible stats otherwise.
Adv -> Plague Doctors

Plague Doctors - highly resistant, good mobility and gets higher regen rate the closer to 0 hp they get. Spellcaster. Interrogation artists. Chance to zombify targets with each hit. Long range attacks.

Necromancers - spellcaster specialists. Can raise, turn, or banish undead. Can improve zombies. Can self-zombify, but you start from level 1.

Baby Boomers - suicide bombers. Causes status effects as well as damage with AoE explosion. Explodes upon taking a hit, or can self-explode. Absolute shit stats.

Soulsuckers - spellcasting, AoE charm, Absorb, regen, refresh. All undead in range count as improved. Resource augment. High stats. All targets in range suffer absorb damage and charm per round.

Zombies - cannon fodder to super specialized, all zombies share certain traits: capture, consume, undead type, low hp, but high melee offense. Can bite to turn enemy units into zombie of same type after death. Can mine for resources and can move underground (can't do damage though).


Werewolf - martial arts, powerfully resistant to magic, high offense, low defense, regen
Catgirl - martial arts, high mobility and offense, low defense, refresh
Alien - when combined with alien material they gain Dark Shift ability, enhanced bite, and the chance to zombify target with every melee attack. Can long range melee attack, anti-air. Crap mobility.
Gloried - analysis, flying, spellcasting. Improved bite, interrogate, and consume. Better mobility and mining.
Exalted - spellcasting, martial arts, regen, refresh, higher defense. Highly improved bite, zombifying attacks, and can attack while underground.
Battle - Constructs, martial artists, heavy melee, best defense of any undead and mid-range mobility. Can consume constructs to gain their abilities. Can use any armor with no mobility negs. Can use any weapon. Can gain new spells and abilities by consuming captured units. High resistances to EVERYTHING.


  1. Its all fun and interesting but there are so many units with so many utilities that it will be a pain to balance from the start, you should stick with a just a few of each and add the rest in packs later on.

    1. It's why it takes me so long writing these up sometimes - I'm also writing starting values for each unit as I'm going along. And early game everything is supposed to be balanced to a point, but later on the main character you choose eventually grows to Overpowered levels...but so do the enemies.

      Eventually it gets to the point where you just have tons of tools of destruction at your hands, it's just up to you to figure out how to combine 'em or go about doing it.