Saturday, May 5, 2012


Yeap.  All five parts of The Generalist's first, uh...story?...thing.  Taboo 0: Cliché of Memories, which is NOT Taboo 1: Where's The Beef?

Because I do nothing simple, what was supposed to be a 9-page short story apparently turned into a 31-page thing.  1 week, 31 pages as edited as I ever can make 'em, all spell-checked and what-not.

Hey, if'n ya wanna edit and yerself and hook it up, feel free - all I ask is that you lemme see it first before we both post it, y'know?

31 pages, jesus freakin'...suffice it to say, THIS is why I haven't done anything else lately.  What's even worse, I have projects backin' up (The Hooligans, Project: Boyfriend, the blogs, etcetera) but my muse is already whuppin' my ass to get Taboo 1 started.

And yeah.  Beef.  BEEF.  BEEEEEF.

So anyway, time to show what's up.  I haven't written like this in, geez...years.  I'm even probably sure to piss off a person or two, but I'm fairly certain y'all will find it entertaining.

I entreat you to be as brutally honest as possible about it - does it suck?  Does it remind you of stuff?  Do you wanna claim that my homages and shoutouts aren't either homage or shoutouts but rather blatant rip-off?  Speak on it in the comment section.

But do read it, and lemme know what you think.


~That Bastard

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EDIT: Apparently at font size 12, it's 39 pages.  Sorry.  I lied.  LOL.

I wonder how many of you forgot I write with the pen name of J or JDW...

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