Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Two-For-One Poem Shot!

I actually wrote these months back. Also Waking Up Before The Alarm, another poem I wrote back then...but it still kinda stings, the whole break-up thing, and I DID write that one for her.

Sooooo let's just chill on THAT one for awhile, eh?

Battleworld write-up (without spoilers) comin' soon.

It Was A Glorious Evening

A potters' wheel
her shadow splayed out on the grass
dirty honey gold a fan
her breasts, pillows
enticing and joyful
for the delight of her
a fond memory
in these days of grey

Drawn Depths

In misery and viscera
I have decided my own fate
and have wrought cold vengeance
with these hands of mine

Of memory and viscera
These tools, my hands
as blunt an instrument
as Pygmalion's

To dream in viscera
And in that rose red house
we shall grow closer in shade
and forget this rotting world

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