Saturday, January 21, 2012

This Poem Is Shaped Like A Boot

Sometimes, I write a poem and it flows out in a certain way where the SHAPE of the poem is more important to me than the content. Stupid and slightly autismal, I know, but still...I don't write poems to make sense (most of the time), I write 'em the same way I dream. If that makes sense to you, then that makes one of us.

This Poem Is Shaped Like A Boot

I am not a number
I am not a statistic
my value lays not in intent
but honor, word and deed
my explosives are paper
my blades these pens
and with these words
they shall know
I need not be a unique snowflake
but the droplet that breaks the dam
the last straw of a broken camel's back


  1. Design and flow both rock with this one. I recited it aloud in Steve Buscemi's voice and it sounded really good!

  2. ...dude, holy shit, I just heard that and it sounds fuckin' sweet!

    Thanks for that point of view, man! Never woulda thought 'bout it m'self...

  3. I like the empowering message of this piece.