Friday, January 27, 2012

The Rundown

Yeaaaah, you ever had one of those days where shit's gettin' done, you can feel all that coffee and testosterone pulsin' through ya, and everything's pretty cool but you're sill burning red-hot?


A spoken word thingy that I haven't said aloud, here ya go.

The Rundown

The engine's full blast
'Bout to explode
My heart's pumping
Full of nitro

Wreck my system
Cannot control

Pedal to the floor
Whisper dirty things
In my ear
But keep it clear

The message is broken
The battle to be had
The story is gone
And all that's left is

Kinda tipsy
Kinda drunk
Kinda reckless
Mostly from

The mirror's edge
Shows me what's inside
The competition's ready
to fuck and ride

Clearly I see
What all might be
In this half second
Between life and death

The fuel is insane
Highly octane
But too obvious
It might be too much

Battle with myself
Battle everything
Constantly combative
Wrecking all that is me

Static pulse
Gives forgotten grails
I be discontent
I shall disconnect

My fragile system
Given birth to my mind
Look deep within
Get ready to find

What I am and
what I can be
Divisible only
The universe in me organically

Get respect but lose yer check
Break your spine and lose
yer whole
goddamned neck

The casualty rate from
this constant war
Ever since the year I was born -

That's just what they want you to believe
That's just what they want you to believe
It wasn't always like this, constant misery
That's just what they want you to believe

So, break it down
Rock and roll, lose your mind
Consistanly bleeding
From your soul

To your heart
Through your breath
From your blood
Open up and try to check

Wreck and death cannot sustain
The fear is not supposedly
A consisent rule

Nor part of the game
When all the gain
Comes from the horror
The loss of freedoms
And the slaughter

This world isn't a grinder
It's a battlefield
So will you speed it up
Or will you yield?

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