Sunday, February 5, 2012

Unfinished: Illo Fortuna

Can you tell that I'm still in a really good mood? 'Cuz I'm still in a really good mood. My confidence and swag are so fucking high right now, I feel safe and secure enough to share with you what will be amongst some of the awesomest, most power-metallist songs my main band will have penned by yours truly.

It's also a "character song," one of those songs that's meant to be pseudo-in-character, possibly not sung by me but someone who can match the voice properly to my tastes.

I know I might be sounding kinda high-muck-a-muck, and I kinda apologize for that. But no, seriously, I'm so fucking certain of the awesomeness of this song that I might bust out the digital voice recorder in a couple of days and sing it for y'all.

...'cept I hate the way my voice sounds on the DVR. It sounds nothing like it does in person or over a microphone, makes me sound TOTALLY fake and even slightly tinny. Definitely lacks the richness of timbre and passion that I can put into my singing voice.

Anyway, enough of that! Here is the song that will be done when we reveal a major character and plot point for the band, the Gypsy King, the Mystic Wandered: Illo Fortuna.

Why did I choose such a latinish-italianish sounding name? Because fuck you, that's why.

All of you should, by now, know how my story writing goes. The Rule of Cool and The Rule of Badass reigns supreme in my world.

And Illo Fortuna is one of the awesomest, crankiest, most sinister old guys in ANY of my storylines.

I, Illo Fortuna

I hold the power...
I hold the power...
I AM the power...

I am the modern day Prometheus
Bridging the spectre of the modern age
I am the founding father of your kind
Instilling within your race my endless rage

Endless rage
Instilling within you
my endless rage

I am the hand that rocks the cradle
For I am the hand that rocks your world
I am the mystic wanderer, gypsy king
Witholding the secrets, taunting endlessly

withhold secrets, taunting

Within the throbbing of the universe
There rests your future wealth and legacy
I am the steel foundation of my sword
Sowing destruction showing no mercy

Into the breach we go
Into the tear we go


Behold now
the works of mankind

Shriven and fallen
like atomic ashes

Behold now
the en-e-my

Riven and faithless
heart black as sackloth

(bridge 2)

(solo 1)

I am the modern day Prometheus

(solo 2)


Into the darkness
Into the void we shall go
Children, wanderin', seekers all
Into the night we shall fall

Hold on
Hold on
Hold on to the mysteries

Hold on Hold on Hold on
My children
Into the breach we go
Children, wanderers, strangers
All of us
The dark
We go


  1. I imagined it with a cool drum beat behind the singing and awesome metal. I am taking notes, for your lyricism is something to be looked up to.

    1. Pffft, that second half needs to be tweaked and finished SO FUCKING BADLY, but I felt so good that night (still do, I don't regret it at all) that I figured I'd share at least this much with y'all.

      ESPECIALLY that first half. My god, I might actually vocalize the instruments and just sing it anyway, post it up for y'all.

      I mean, it's a REALLY good song. Strangely enough, my peoples (and my ex) who ever caught me accidentally singing that song while doing the dishes or whatever always remarked the same way, that it "Sounded like such a beautiful song!"

      So yeah, this one's my baby, personally and artistically speaking. Like I said, it's power metally and just so fucking good.

      It's one reason I definitely want a keyboardist in my group, just so we can work some of the background sounds out.