Sunday, February 26, 2012

1200 lbs. of Metal

SO. Sososo, some of you know already of our 1200 lbs. of Penis song. What, you don't? Then go back and check it out, you'll have a good time.

With that stated, we were told by certain business suited types that it wasn't a song they could really market, one that they couldn't really stand behind, y'know?

So. Here's our answer.

I don't believe in censorship, and if they had flat-out told us to drop it, I would've wiped my ass with their business card and thrown it back in their face. On the other hand, they didn't...all they did say was that it wasn't a song they could stand behind.

Strangely enough, my band responded by coming together and creating this and a music video idea of a giant robot fighting a seven-headed land-kraken. Literally of one of the band members walking around town, finding a "thread" coming out of their arm which unravels, which leads them to tearing their flesh off to reveal the METAL MONSTER underneath, then growing humongous, going on a rampage, then fighting that seven-headed land-kraken.

Then they call the OTHER THREE giant robots, and all four proceed to whup ass.

This is not censorship, nor is it selling out - we've done this on our own accord, and will support both songs.

Why am I explaining all this? Because, honestly I'd like to think I"m the kinda guy who learns from other people's mistakes, and I remember the whole fiasco with the Black Eyed Peas and the whole "Let's Get It Started/Retarded" bullshit.

Reckon I'll leave it up to the fans, ultimately, to take it as they will. But Anubis Unit stands behind every move we make, unless we find a new one that suits our needs better. To me, that is the meaning of musical freedom...reckon the whole band stands behind it as well.

1200 lbs. of Metal


Every night I go out to
satisfy my lust
the people all love me
they surround me with their trust

Whipping and slapping
every upturned ass I see
give them a pearl necklace
it means nothing to me

I don't really trip,
I never get mental
They come to expect it
now I'm 1200 lbs. of Metal!

The power's coursin' through me
From now until eternity
It feels so right but it looks so wrong
I don't care I just wanna get it on



(During bridge, this is spoken by J:

Y'KNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW, you shouldn't look at me that way, you'd do the same thing if YOU turned into a giant robot! DESTRUCTION! Just go on a freakin' rampage and smash all over this city YEAH!

Well..except for the docks, I like how pretty those boats look on the ocean.

Wait, you want me to do WHAT to your houseboat? Didn't you pay your insurance premiums?

Awww, I couldn't do something like that....

Okay, just this once~!


(break back into verse)

Put a strip miner on Oprah
and you'd look just like me
Y'know I got this Plasma Cannon
Down in my pants

I work so hard to
fit in with society
only to discover
the truth will set you free

From the poor to the rich
Hear them all scream and yell!
They've come to expect how

The power's coursin' through me
From now until eternity
It feels so right but it looks so wrong
I don't care I just wanna get it on


...(skip three beats, then) METAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL!! (whole band: METAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL!!)

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  1. Love it. I wanna see this video. RECORD MORE OF YOUR SHIT!!