Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Here we go!

First and foremost, welcome one and all to my literary blog. Mostly my horrible attempts at poetry, song lyrics (which usually start off as attempts at poetry then I add a chorus line and a bridge section...yeah), and analysis of my fave fictional characters.

Now, don't get it twisted...I've done a couple of short stories (that I will not post here - they were done in high school, like friggin' 1995 yo) and one book that will NEVER see the light of day (started it 1994, finished 1998 then promptly hated it FOREVER - I keep it as a goad, though, to always do better than that), but I tend to write fully fleshed-out overviews of stories and scripts that I'd like to get around to doing someday.

Some of these story/script overviews, though, are so friggin' awesome that I might show them off here anyway. Amongst those are some of my old favorites (posted over at a friend's DeviantArt, if'n y'all wanna go take a look) such as Hell King Megakaizer, Maximum Krieg, Dangerous Mismanagement and Bad Dog.

I tend to also suffer from a bad case of sequelitis, only in a way I can only hope that is positive. For instance, Dangerous Mismanagement 1-3.5 is tied together incredibly well, with cameos from one another and based on a timeline that spans all four stories. But all four sequels (except for 3.5, if I remember correctly) are pretty much based on individual stories within those arcs.

Hell King Megakaizer, though, is based on four story arcs that equal out to a season of episodes each, from beginning to holyfuckinggodIwentthere end.

Maximum Krieg, on the other hand, is more or less somewhere between both episodic story arcs and full-blown alternate shows, all based on the same timeline and characters involved. I have yet to write out the overviews for Alpha and Omega (which follows an older Maximum Krieg 1000 years in the future, older and far more sadistic, vicious and violent) and After The End (which takes place shortly after the End of Time, though it might not be the Krieg we know and love...well I know and frikken love). that I've looked at it again, naw they're pretty much all following the same pattern of stories within an arc. Ignore that entire previous hullabaloo I just dropped on y'all.

ANYWAY, let's start with some song lyrics I have layin' around, eh? I can't tell you my main band, but I CAN tell you of the fictional-ish band that, if all goes as planned, will actually open up for my main band...which is pretty much my main band in zoot suits, three-piece tuxes and hair grease. Really classy, y'know? So my songs fall in one of four categories:

My Main Band - I won't tell ya the name, and will pointedly delete all commentary pertaining the name of my main band. I made a promise that if my band really DOES make it, if we cut this demo and put out our first album...then and only then will I break anonymity, if for no other reason than I said already that I would. I am a man of my word, a man of honor and I live up to that word to an extreme.

No Rhymes - No Rhymes is that concept fictional band I was just talkin' 'bout. Opening up for ourselves, doing just whatever the hell we want. Unlike my main band, which focuses on all original music, with No Rhymes we can do music that is (in fact) completely un-metal, un-rock or un-punk and just DO shit, y'knowwhatImean? Covers, music we normally wouldn't do (electronica, hell we got a homeboy who's a D.J. who might join in for that), things of that nature, y'know? I only have one album prepared for it, "A Night of Complete Horrorshow," and one or two of the songs will be also on my main band's opening album, "Internet Terrorists." Suffice it to say I'm only four songs off of bein' done with "Horrorshow," and I could even claim that I'm done with it NOW what-with nine songs done (I'm still tweakin' one out just doesn't sit well with me too much), but I'm a thorough bastard and when I say I wanna do somethin', I'm gonna do it all the way.

Besides, 13 songs for an album like that is awesome. You'll notice I do that a lot...

We'll see, we'll see...

A Project for The Ace - you remember my homeboy, The Ace? The one I talked about on my recent rage-filled article over at Netflix This? Well, suffice it to say we're both artistic types and we bounce off one-another incredibly well. At one point in time we were both involved in a comic project that has, sadly, taken a backseat to other projects...but I have an entire album of song lyrics I wrote up for that comic, with a second one planned that I never finished.

There's only one song on there that I'll NEVER share with anyone, and will point-blank delete ANY posts any of y'all or The Ace makes pertaining to it. The rest are good, except for the instrumentals...that wouldn't make sense to post here, y'know?

Standalones - just song lyrics I've done that are pretty much good for anywhere. Or actual poems. It all depends on how you look at it, but I'll probably never actually vocalize these songs/poems since they're just not my style to do so...but I wrote 'em, and here they'll get posted.

I've also got an entire forums-worth of a role-playing (pen and paper) system I was DMing' with a group of my friends just layin' around. We never finished it, but I DO have the entire storyline for it and was thinking of how I could transform it into something a bit more comprehensive. I have this entire system of gaming called "Extreme Existence" that spans whole realities-worth of existence, and has tons upon tons of badassed characters. I've always wanted to translate that into a video game, and perhaps someday I will...though pro'lly not on my own at all. I suck horribly at drawing, and I gave up on programming years ago...though as of late I've been looking at my old programming books (the immortal O'Reilly series of programming, languages for dummies, standalones that are just fucking awesome and every programmer should have them, the entire A+ series...I do believe the MCSE 2007 core set, though all of 'em are in storage) and, due to the places I've been hanging out on the Internet, am thinking of perhaps taking that up again and posting up the results here.

I gotta warn all of you, don't expect excellence from me (except for my lyrics). I'm a master of starting a project then letting it fall behind simply because of stress, constraints, or simple bullshit that has taken up my life. Things happen, y'know? REALLY bad things happen, and it always sucks the hardest when it happens to you.

I usually roll with the punches though, and so long as I keep living I'll have these overviews, lyrics and poems to look back on and be able to work the actual projects out using them. Or I'll find a ghost writer to help me out. Or I'll just hire a bunch of interns (i.e. - monkeys) to just get it done finally then slap my name on it.

Either way, 's all good.

Now, I gotta warn y'all: the stuff I post up here is straight outta my files, y'knowwhatImean? So this is the way the bands I work with see 'em, and I oughta let you guys know the same kinda info 'bout 'em. Whenever it takes multiple vocalists (sometimes the entire band), I'll put the words in ( ) style, just so it stands out different from the rest.

If they're in capital lettering, then they're meant to either have stronger emphasis or straight-out being louder/roaring. It's hard to describe with JUST the written word, but I'll eventually figure out how to fuckin' record something and have our Yootoobs up so y'all can hear it at least vocally, if not when we finally get our jamspace set and can just record with the vocals, drums and bass.

Anyway, thanks for hittin' me up and keepin' up with me thus far. I can only hope that, in the very least, you are actually entertained by meanderings and mutterings.

Welcome to my literary blog. Welcome to "The Pen Is My Sword."

Much love and lotsa rage,

~That Bastard

P.S. - True story, I have a wordpad file titled "My Weapon of Choice." I found it funny that musicians equate their instruments to weapons, so what's better for a vocalist than either A) a megaphone (which I fuckin' want an all-black one) or B) a book of lyrics?

Dude, I got, like, a three-hundred page "e-book" I made myself of various lyrics that I use, including my own songs.

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