Sunday, September 11, 2011

Another Prom Song (With Zombies)

Yet another really likeable one of mine, Another Prom Song was initially slated for A Night of Complete Horrorshow, only to end up as a back-to-back on Internet Terrorists.

Both songs featured a stripped-down, clean guitar prom rock sound and are just effin' cool to sing. I actually use practically the same vocals for this that I do for "Blue Moon," but I've heard from others that when I do 'em side by side for comparison they're completely different.

Peh, I hear what I hear, y'knowwhatImean?

Funny story, for the first two lines of each verse is supposed to be vocals and a kick-beat only, then everyone jumps in afterwards...but for some reason I didn't actually type that out on my notes. I gotta remember to do that or I might confuse m'band...

That and there's this xylophone sound that actually sparks up at hear and there all over the place on the song, only I recently found out it's the same goddamned xylophone tune that Gnarles Barkley used for "Gone Daddy Gone." Dunno if I still wanna roll with it, but it sounds sooooo fuckin' awesome though! We might just have to ask them to borrow it or somethin'...

The rings and the chains
and her rotting brains
(music starts)
That's how we love
like lovers

Comin' on home on a friday night
I'm feelin'
kinda shaky and my nerves are tight
But you know
In the crypt
In the tomb
Like lovers should

Alone at your tomb I'm waitin' for you
I'm feelin'
kinda wonky and I'm ready to do
What I must
In the grave
In her bed
Like lovers do

('Cuz when your darlings' a zombie
Your best friends a shovel) and a spade
(Creeping and crawling and stalking the night)
Performing atrocities unafraid
Ready to face the day together
Ready to face the day to come
Ready to face the day~!


(Creeping and crawling we stalk)

Her bones jangling
Her viscera gleams
(music starts)
That's how we love
Like lovers do

Take her to meet my ol' mom and dad
I'm reelin'
From the blows she delivers to them
And then we
drag 'em home
drag 'em down
Like lovers would

Finishing what she's done unto me
I'm seein'
Her point of view and it's plain to see
And now we
Lay me down
Lay her down
Like lovers do(oooh)

Like lovers do(oooh)
Like lovers
Do-do lay me down
lay we down
like lovers doooo~!

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