Sunday, April 8, 2012

Ode to your local diner

For me it'd be Shari's on Meridian Street. They're like a slightly comparably-priced version of Denny's, but with way better pie. Reckon they're comparable to Marie Calender's then, y'know?

Some people complain about the service, but I've never had any complaints, plus they're another 24/7 place to grub and hang out. And hey, dat pie!

Plenty of other good stuff there too, and the staff can be downright interesting if you get to know 'em.

It's all about what YOUR diner is like, y'know?

You know the name of the chef.

You know the names of the waitstaff.

You know this place by heart.

Your table is always ready for you, or in the very least a table like it.

There's a table for you and your people, when you need to gather about such a table and break fast or enjoy an after-work dinner in each other's company.

You know each and every special, but you have your own.

A plate just for you.

The pie is perfect, and the coffee too.

You know this place.

It knows you, your name carved into a table or a wall somewhere.

This is your diner.

This is YOUR diner.

It's ready for you at any point in time, at any hour, and will always accept you.

And that's a good damned thing.

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